Lady Gaga - Dope (Explicit) (VEVO Presents)

Lady Gaga performing Dope live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013.

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Lady Gaga - Dope (Explicit) (VEVO Presents) Смотреть онлайн
Sophie B
The best artist in the fucking music industry at the moment. This is true art.
Elestro Air-soft
Drugs and alcohol? Alcohol is a drug. And a dangerous one at that.
THIS is a real song. THIS is real art. Goodness, Ive recently fallen in love with this artist. Most modern pop is so bad. This is something entirely different!
Chris McMahon
I don't tend to get emotional when a famous person passes away, but Gaga, if I ever lost you I would feel so lost in life.
Since you have burst onto the scene, from day one I have looked up to you. . . I have looked to your creativeness, your individuality, your love and talent. You have unknowingly helped me grow through my teenage years, helped me fight my anxiety and depression and helped me accept who I am. I can easily say that without you, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I have cried with you and I have partied with you at the ARTRAVE in 2014. Never leave us please <3 We all need you xoxoxox
Sylvain Wuyts
jenny williams
Literally cried while watching this. So inspirational 🙉💕💕
Ana Botticelli
I'm SO glad she gave up drugs and alcohol.
Good job Gaga :')
that song is really hard, Eminem came to my mind, if he heard this song he would relate to this cause he went to the same experience
Veronica Laufeyson
Forgive me monsters won't you? <3
I've never really listened to Lady Gaga's other albums but this one has stuck with me. This song can make you cry even if you are not an extreme fan of Lady Gaga and it takes a lot of guts for someone famous to point out stuff like this and apologize. I really appreciate how truthful and genuine she is. (^-^)
The best versions of her songs are always the live ones on the piano
Dope is the best song in ARTPOP in my opinion.
Ryannewen _
Every once in a while. The world gets a clear look at an artist's heart. Here is one of those moments. See the person who has endured all the cold callous critics who wish they could shine as much as Lady Gaga has!
Wendy Lu
I don't freaking care about what do people think about Gaga , she's just perfect in her way , and I love her .
Thewest jillo
she is a very smart person. Intelligent Artist.
This is SO raw. Especially the very beginning where she's talking about it.
gvanca maxaradze
every time when i listening that song i'm crying :'( 
Dylan Barnette
Hi everyone. I just wanted to say that gaga helps me so much. I have had a dope addiction for about two years now, and im struggling so badly. I am alone every night, and I sit here by myself hoping one day I will be better, but this has just become me. Please guys, stay away from hard drugs, I love you all, especially you gaga.
Yesterday, I smoked weed for the first time. My bestfriend was like my everything. She found out today that I smoked weed, and she just said words that I never thought she would say them to me. I lost her. I feel real stupid right now. I will NEVER EVER do it again, 'Cause I can be thousand times more happy without drugs. So now I'm listening to this song because it explains my story and I can't help myself from crying.