Lady Gaga - Do What U Want (Live on SNL) ft. R. Kelly

Music video by Lady Gaga performing Do What U Want ft. R. Kelly (Live on SNL). © 2013 Interscope

Lady Gaga - Do What U Want (Live on SNL) ft. R. Kelly Смотреть онлайн
Douglas De Fatima
lmao, she's acting like me after the 6th red bull
Love this. I'm so excited for their music video!
Random Boy Name
This is my favorite Gaga era; having fun, being creative, being a party raver more than a polished seamstress. The rhinestone jumpsuit is my absolute favorite and I love how she's not hiding it's a wig because she doesn't have to, this is a performance, not a recital.
La canción me encanta... pero... que un tío te toque el culo, el pecho y luego hagas como que se la mamas no hace que sea un ejemplo de mujer sinceramente... Y mira que me gusta GAGA, pero... que el tío la sobe un poquito es hasta comprensible dentro de la canción pero joe... la soba demasiado xDD
Jurij Fedorov
"Do what you want with my body?" - Worst thing you can say to R. Kelly.
dear critics,...

stop acting like you don't love sex...
was I the only one that said "Damn that was on point" at 0:38
iva jagodic
Gaga is VERY talented.
Ivan Jimenez
am i the only one who loves how she looks???
Carella Ross
I'll always dig her but the 1st minute+ of this performance is COMEDY GOLD
I love Gaga, but who told her she looked good in that outifit?
Simon Kendra
She really was fucked up during this era, wasn't she. :D
Mr. Martell Sincere
This is the worse performance I ever seen from both of them
stu wilks
Why is R Kelly wearing an apron?
joey decena
only Beyonce and GAGA can sing and move at the same time...no1 follows!
dadi dada
i love her so much but this is her worst performance ever
Alissa Cook
I don't especially love live performances and I'm not head over heels for Gaga either... BUT---there's something about this one that I'm just crazy for! Since the night it aired on SNL, I love watching this video over and over again… I really don't think Gaga is at her best here though.. Her voice got a bit shaky... Maybe due to how hard she was physically exerting herself? Regardless, there's something about this video that I absolutely adore!! You can really see/feel the chemistry exploding between these two, though!
Jamie Allen
omg he was literally doing pushups on top of her
I love you gaga! So fierce smh
Kelline Pickett
I admit that I found her performance to be comical and generic, but considering that this is Lady GaGa, it rather suits her. She's capable of producing some incredible performances (and by "incredible" I mean, bizarre). It's also kind of obvious that the network had a little talk with her and banned her from showing up in her underwear and pasties, as is her normal attire in her videos. I say all of that with love and much respect. She works hard and although she can be quite offensive in some of her performances, it's not too offensive if you just take the time to realize she's an artist and she puts 100% of her creativity and all of her unique qualities into her work. To me, she's what music and entertainment is all about, unlike Brittney Spears and Selena Gomez who are still trying to sell music by having the camera do a lot of closeups of them licking their lips and batting their eyes, yawn.