Lady Gaga - Poker Face [Live Belvedere Gig]

Music video by Lady Gaga performing Poker Face [Live Belvedere Gig]. (C) 2008 Interscope Records

Lady Gaga - Poker Face [Live Belvedere Gig] Смотреть онлайн
Eymard Vivas
Gaga que loquilla eres
Memoirs Of Mimi's Imprefect Infinity Butterfly 90
GAGA shoulda sang for Super Bowl....
Kristi Krause
she's a legend
great but WHERE IS DWUW VIDEO????!?!
just because this is slow and not upbeat dosnt necessarily means it is boring
Her voice is great and she's still making her kind of show. Amazing artist, finest pop art of 21st century.
Mercury Dynasty
Truly talented literally one of the best vocalist alive
Enrico Rapali
at 0:37 i had a flash back from 2009 gaga´s look, few months before the fame monster era!
I love you and your work. ♥
Dantorp Aviation
Just kill me how good isn't this tho? :'(
I must say I prefer this version over the original!
She shows us here her real beautiful voice. :-)
Dandelion P
Hahahahaha! She's hilarious!
Bon Đông
The Fame Girl with ARTPOP hair <3
Lady Gaga is such a Broadway performer.. fantastic vocal.. brilliant facial and phrasing... what an artist!
Piano Gaga is always my favourite gaga
JesMarie Jonz
This just shows that much more, how truly talented she is.
sidbra jahreTM
"you know this song is about a guy i used to date, i would always think about chicks every time we had sex..
and i never wanted him to figure it out because i felt so bad
...but i don't anymore because i wrote a song about it"

person in audience: "woo!"
gaga: "thx"

i fucking love this woman.
Armougon Anais
i'm waiting for a acoustic album GAGA !!!
Great vocals remind me of her, the first song the I heard and watched that I ask myself "who the fuck is this crazy girl?" 
Candy Warhol
donde esta el video prometido de DWUW?? ya es un hecho que ARTPOP tendra 3 singles