Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Live on The Tonight Show)

Lady Gaga performing ARTPOP live on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. (C) 2014 Interscope Records

Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Live on The Tonight Show) Смотреть онлайн
Sounds alternate. Sounds pop.
Sounds old.
Sounds modern.
And risky. And the face of Lady Gaga.
I was very critical of previous work in this pop artist.
But now she's really showing what he can do.
Sound different and alternative relative to other current pop artists.
My congratulation Lady gaga great job.
Stefan Ackermann
this album had so much potential! Too bad people didn't like it. I think it has great songs.
I hope someday she will make a museum with all the pianos (the paw, the burning piano, the heel, the bubble piano, the super tall piano...) and clothes, it would be so epic!
Darvey Clint Gario
Sometimes it feels that our generation do not deserve the Icon that she is. How we betrayed her and would rather listen to mediocrity.
Yohanes Daniagi
its 2016 and i still dont get it why artpop dont get grammys
this literally EVERYTHING
I'm so performing this in my school's talent show with the ARTPOP Mask. Wish me luck monsters :)
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Never go, Gaga. You have grown so much, and your music is beautiful.
So much better than the album version!
Kody Marley
ARTPOP is her best work to date in my opinion. This song is beautiful and yet it seems so simple. What is your favourite song from the album? Mine would have to be G.U.Y. But my favourite changes depending on my mood.
Darvey Clint Gario
I personally thing ARTPOP album is her most personal album, it was a celebration of her pain, its very raw and primal, from songs like dope, swine, artpop and do what u want, and we Little Monsters share that with her, something the rest of the world missed to see. I love ARTPOP and its always in my consciousness.
This was so perfect. If you don't like this you're wrong.
When I say that ARTPOP is truly a masterpiece I am looked at with disarray. However, I really do believe it to be true. This album is absolutely stunning and it's a shame that it got lost in all of the shameful media reports and in those who are unworthy of appreciating talent. The way I see it, LG intended this album to appeal to us LM. And, it definitely appeals to me. To those LM who disliked it, that's cool. To those LM who have abandoned Gaga over it, that's still cool. People are allowed to change their minds on artists. But for me, I'll never leave this woman who has done so much for human rights and who is an icon in every sense of the word. Thank you Stefani!!
The only pop star that I respect and love beside Christina Aguilera!
Carl L
how hasn't she won best album yet? meanwhile, taylor whatshername has 2 wins
Brian Luna
My ears have been blessed by god
deanne wojciechowski
Yeah, I was never a fan of Lady Gaga, but this song is so beautiful it changed my opinion if her. Thank you Lady Gaga...........
Sebitas Coy
ARTPOP es un gran álbum pero para mi opinión es mejor BORN THIS WAY. ya que en todas sus canciones son perfectas pero en ARTPOP hay canciones como Man!cure. Swine Donatella y G.U.Y que hacen el álbum un poco brusco respecto al concepto como tal. adoro Aura pero también la incluyo
pero si todas las canciones fueran como Artpop Do Want U Want Dope Gypsy Applause y Mary Jane Holland. El álbum sería una gran obra como BORN THIS WAY o THE FAME MONSTER
Jesus Carbajal
fell in love with this song from the very first time I heard it.
Kyle ツ
best song/performance from this album tbh
Moonlight Cookie
I found out about this album in 2015 and yet it still seems so new to me.. and it was released in 2014? Haha.. :p