Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - Nature Boy (Audio)


CHEEK TO CHEEK album available now:

Music video by Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga performing Nature Boy. (C) 2014 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment /Interscope Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - Nature Boy (Audio) Смотреть онлайн
Diego Cárdenas
This is fantastic, your voice is perfect Gaga, I'll always be with you. 
I love you
she has talent. her young fans cant relate because jazz is a very old genre and they are blindsighted by trends
I'm so sick of people commenting on sales and flops, such a stupid concept. The greatest artist are not even in the popular businnes people. I don´t care who sales more, i´m not going to listen to katy, or kesha. and all those things.
Dafneal German
I will play this song every day at my WINE STORE, this is so relaxing.
This album is not important because it's the 'best jazz album ever', but because Lady Gaga's chosen to bring jazz back up to a world that's losing interest in it. 
Jazz was and still is a main influence in any kind of art form. So to me this is another way of introducing art into pop ;)
Tarik Jelacic
I have to admit that I would never listen to jazz if Lady Gaga didn't make this album, and that's why I think she's currently the most important artist. This was the only way I could realise how beautiful and elegant this type of music actually is!
I still love how ARTPOP barely sold any less than Miley Katy etc. That and the fame has more album sales than all of Katy's music combined lmao
Gert Philips
She's got the best voice for this, very light and flirty with the notes and warm. And thank you to Tony Bennett to keep her holding on to her passion
I don't think Gaga's fan base is old enough to understand jazz, lol.
C.K. Nelson
LOVE This SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH GAGA!!! Great harmonies and music. Did you write these songs? I cant wait to see more highlights about this!
Raul Oliveira
A year has passed and I'm still loving this song. It's so relaxing and soft, you can feel the message, the music, the instrumental, the voices.
Diego Casilla
Love this song , feel so good in the middle of the night
Megan Coyle
Such a beautiful and classic song, and they do it much justice with this cover. For those who don't know, the song was first recorded by Nat King Cole and released in 1948.
Amin Armani
Gaga is not a man.
Justin is not a gay.
Miley is not a slut.
Katy is NOT a singer.
Mary Roan
This makes me so happy. This song is such a classic that has always been a favorite of mine and it brightens my mood to hear one of my favorite artists sing it so beautifully. I do love her old style but I don't believe that was what defined Lady Gaga as a musician. Her perfect, thoughtful execution of great sounds both raw and electronically edited is what I feel made her. She has remained a rare talent with so much emotion to convey in her work. I think her recent rekindling of happiness and enthusiasm for singing will definitely pay off for both her audience as well as her career.
where is the electronic lady gaga we all fell in love with? this is what my grandparents listen to
this song its beautiful
Riordan Pett
Cheek To Cheek is $5.99 on Amazon MP3 for only a few more hours! Get buying! It is a sensational album!
Honestly didn't think I'd agree with her doing jazz, but it's a change from her dance! Paws up babe!
John Christian
Remember when Katy trying to flute? Bahahaha... Fail!
Los LM son la fan basé más hipócrita. Cuando les conviene hablan de fama y visitas, pero como esto no ha superado el millón de visitas ahora dicen que es arte y que no necesita visitas.
Por favor cierren la maldita boca.