Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - But Beautiful


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Red Wine
Thank you Italy for Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.
Tony and Gaga have such an authentic connection.....just beautiful. Their souls are like knitted together in music.
Lorraine Ashby
What a darling man Tony Bennett is - Lady Gaga said in an interview with him that he is the perfect gentlemen;  he has that rare ability to reach right into the souls of people - Lady Gaga was so emotional. The part where she cried and he gently dabbed her tears with his handkerchief I cried too...
Dewdrop Dwelling
I've never been a huge pop fan so I never really listened to Lady Gaga but maaaaaaaaaan I am living for her singing jazz 💜💜💜
The Brooklyn Introvert
Gaga is a very emotional woman she sings with passion
Steve X
I'm quite familiar with this song and its effect on the listener in the right hands.  I knew exactly what these two had in store for me and welled up in pure anticipation.  Stellar.  Nothing but effing stellar.  

She'll be the most heartbroken girl in the universe when her (our) hero finally leaves us —a thought almost too much to bear— and the luckiest to have been awarded this precious time with him. 
Joshua Louie Cruz
im so glad gaga's turning into this kind of music. thank you.
A Slo
Gaga is more awesome than I thought. Great performance!
is it strange that i'm weirdly emotional over tony bennett and lady gaga's collaborations? it's just so rare to see something so pure and sweet, and to see these two wholly different individuals so completely loving each other and loving working with one another that gets me.
Gerber Bernstein
I'd rather watch Tony sing Poker Face.
I wish lady gaga just did music like this tbh
Alex Emocling
That room is filled with so much passion and love for music. You cannot only see it but you can hear it. I am so moved.
Menno Toonstra
Kinda random, but I absolutely love Gaga's hair in this
Funny how times have changed. She became famous with her crazy outfits, performances, etc. After the other pop singers tried to copy her and show up with weird outfits and performances themselfs, gaga took this road...

Her voice has always been amazing but in my opinion it sounds best in this music genre :)
lauren junette
This made me cry so much
Jers N
God, Lady Gaga is so beautiful.
John Papadopoulos
lady gaga should sing for a disney film,her voice is so perfect !! listen to this song and you will understand what i mean
Amy H.
I like how people who don't know anything about music are saying Gaga's doing this for attention and throwing random album numbers out there. Gaga's doing this for what she likes to do. She likes jazz and she's an actual person. And another thing: a bunch of the strictly pop fans are telling her to stop and get back to the crappy stuff the children of the 21st century call "culture". I'm almost giving up on the entertainment industry-it's all about showing off your body and how many chicks you can get or how awesome drugs are and crappy lies like that. There's a reason why older people are saying they're losing faith in that generation.
Okay. Rant over.
-Love, a 14 year old Gaga fan/showtune and jazz lover.
Nina Beck
Wow!!!! When Tony dabbed her face to wipe her tear, that was just - well - more than moving. It almost brought a tear to my eye, too!! Gorgeous. So glad I stumbled on this video even though I think I've heard the audio of it once or twice! Thank you for it!!
Carla Pezh
Love this!.. <3 :)