Lady Gaga - #VevoCertified Part 2: Lady Gaga and Her Fans

#VevoCertified Part 2: Lady Gaga and Her Fans

Lady Gaga - #VevoCertified Part 2: Lady Gaga and Her Fans Смотреть онлайн
Hola Soy Cat
Te amo ❤
YourBiggest Fan
Like if your gaga's biggest fan
Daniel & Jeremie
Life without Lady Gaga would be a big mistake ! Thanks God she's here and she's a legend ! The queen of music..... <3 <3 <3
Out of all her videos she like edge of glory video?! Girl, really? She has wayy better videos.
Why are y'all shitting on these fans? What happened to, you know, being respectful and loving each other? You only appear extremely jealous and that's not very cute.
Way Serrão
"my fav video is the edge of glory" OMGGGG LIE!!!!!!! 
Erick Romero
I'll tell you what being a little monster is al about: it's not all about BUYING ALL HER ALBUMS it's about listening to her music understanding. To love other and never to hate, to accept yourself and to love yourself no matter what. The Edge of glory is a song filled with million of emotions she wrote this song after her grandpa died and how her grandma was with him till the end. Paparazzi it's about the negative side of fame and how it can kill you WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE VIDEO is the FUCKING CREATIVITY! It's a masterpiece. At least the kinda got the Born this way message kinda right cause it's so obvious 😒
Michael Wilson
That one disliker...
My favorite video it's Judas
Frede Contre
1:48 please someone give her some money to at least make a fake smile. 
Thank you to VEVO for this opportunity... We love you, Gaga, and all of us would love to meet you someday. Thank you for watching our videos and for letting us be a part of this. It was terrifying and incredibly nerve-wracking... I'm so glad to have had the other 5 people I was with and to have met them and gotten to know them. All such huge fans and all adored you. We filled up our hours of waiting by talking about your impact, how excited we were at the possibility of meeting you, how most of us have been fans since 2008, and so many impactful moments in your career that have happened since then.  It was a long day and a little disappointing... But I'm glad I was able to meet fellow fans who I'm so glad to have in my life, now. 
Luis Fernando Montecinos
Been here since Poker Face and I have no regrets! Been here since the first time I saw you, been here always to support u and tour ideas of what love is and art and all the philosophy you bring each day since you became who u are. I'm a proud little monster and I'll never stop being one of the family u created. Paws up monsters! :)
Come on guys im sorry but Gaga is the queen of YouTube! She made a revolution with her videos. If you are not a Gaga fan please take a time a look at these masterpieces. Her videos are so inspiring and magical. She deservs this awards and much more.
Charly Mc
Let's certify The Edge Of Glory & You and I little monsters!!
This just is so amazing. She has done so much i n her career and she is so genuine. Some people hate her, but she is our Queen, out Mother Monster.
MistyTibs 2
The first ever Lady Gaga music video I ever watched was applause and I've been hooked since!
Sarah JU
The girls seem fake af
i know im a bad singer but hearing and watching gaga's videos i noticed i can't give up on my dreams of becoming a singer i wanna be in the future and hopefully you guy's will too i been a little monster sense i herd monster by lady gaga it was one of my favorite songs and poker face and bad romance and applause are my most favorite songs  ever thanks to her i wont give up on my dream of becoming a singer you shouldn't eather thanks gaga <3
Mbayeta dereon
i am a beyhive but i LovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvE LADY GAGA