Lady Gaga - New York, New York (Live From Sinatra 100)

Lady Gaga performs “New York, New York” for the Sinatra 100 All-Star Grammy Concert in Las Vegas (December 6, 2015).

Lady Gaga - New York, New York (Live From Sinatra 100) Смотреть онлайн
Renz Letan
I love how perfectly-timed she was launched by that lift platform lol
Jonny Hotpantz
holy shit is there anything she can't sing!?!? WOW :-)
gaga deserved that standing ovation.
Tom Oliver
She should make jazz music she has the perfect voice for it.
Brian Jay
I like how she let the dancer get to her spot before she continued.
Tito Colman
Everything about this woman is just so phenomenal, she is going to be forever timeless.
Oof McGilligan
The most talented woman of my generation. Period.
I do love Lady GaGa and Lara Fabian's NY-NY.
Sophie Connolly
When this performance makes your GRANDPARENTS say they appreciate Gaga= life is complete. Now they understand her true talent that they couldn't see behind the huge charade (i love both ways)
Sara Urtecho
She's so talented and nobody can fuckin' deny it<3
Foster Treadwell
she is one of the very few singers in our generation that can actually sing
She is the Barbra Streisand of our generation.
Kellyanne Todd
I think that lady gaga should make more songs like this, ik this is frank sinatras song duh I mean similar to this genre because her voice suits this kind of music she's amazing!!!
she handled that little traffic jam with the dancer perfectly
to the point where I'm not sure if it was intentional or not
Nachito Rius
This woman CAN performance. CAN sing. CAN dance. CAN DO ANYTHING. Fun fact: she doesn't need to show skin to make a GREAT SHOW like this.
Satan, The Skinny Whale Legend
I had a 10 minute seizure and had a stroke, my mum had to rush me to the hospital when Gaga took her hat off and revealed her eye makeup.
Malachite Mangusu
huh, didn't think jazz would suit you but it certainly does
Emma Rush
She's gorgeous, hilarious and her voice is amazing. I love the part where she said "G'head, get to your spot~"
Asher Den Ki
Someone help me I cannot stop watching this
The problem I feel with some songs is that studios make singers sing songs that aren't made for them. But when a clean song like this is put in front of a talented singer like her, she blows it out of the water. Hope she gets the comeback she deserves.