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Producer: Who do you want to feature in your music video?
Zayn: Just Mother Earth. I don't want to be in my own music video.
Art For You
Loey's Phoenix Exilir
ZAYN shows us how beautiful our EARTH is ..... lets save our earth
Sooraj Popz
No cars
No nudity
No rash music and sounds
Only 100% Nature..!
Jaebum's strawberry milk shake
Producer: so how many mirror effect you want to put on the mv?

Zayn: yes

Edit: Holy biscuits 1k? Thanks :D
nikhil mehda
No bad lyrics
No nudity

:only pure earth: his voice
Sheelu Mathew
Random person: nobody is perfect
Zayn: am I a joke to you?
Jyoti Yadav
Zayn: yes i want a lotta mirror effects!!
Safietou Sall
Who is excited for Aladdin I am so proud of zayn
We love you so much
Si Acil
Zayn (Like)
BTS (comment)
Rubba Haider
Where's that random guy who comments the lyrics!
I'm not finding that comment!
Sik Xiao San
Is this sound of GOD!?😍 The mv is so match with the song❤️ support u forever Zayn 💯💪🤙
Aryan Diggal
I have got the wallpapers for an year now 😅

Nice song love u😍😍
alev Yıldırım
First listening:What is this
After one day;
Headphones fitted: ZAYN IS PERFECT 💜💙
Lalla Rahma
Where's that random guy who comments the lyrics!
I'm not finding that comment!
hmpandor 123
2016 : pillowtalk
2017 : dusk till dawn
2018 : let me
2019 : stand still
R V Pande
This is when you get a free trial on photoshop and use all effects
seif untara
Director: Where do you want to shoot?
Zayn: Yes.
Zaynab Malik
He has not shown up in this but i m happy that I'll see him soon in Alladin track❣❣
Kona Khan
Guys Playback speed 1.25× sounds good😀😊