Soul Asylum - Cartoon

Music video by Soul Asylum performing Cartoon. (C) 1988 A&M Records

Soul Asylum - Cartoon Смотреть онлайн
NO PLAN Records
This song always gives me that warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach. If my life was a movie, this would be its soundtrack. Pure awesomeness!
Mario Curti
This song was the band's first video on mtv and it blew me away, but never got any real traction. They want on to far more popular tunes but this is a song that stands out for me from the group.
The Mark Craig
Great song by a a great band!!!
It's simple for me. This is yet another song on the soundtrack of my life. I can recall everything that was going on when I hear this. I SO miss those carefree, yet heartbreaking years.
Daniel Thomas MacInnes
I really miss the Minneapolis music scene. It was terrific in the 80s and 90s. Today, it's all but extinct. Sigh.
Clover Ernest
Trippy. But amazing
Calamity Eve
I love this video and the band and all of their songs ♥ :-)
Great post of a classic. Spent a lot of time singing along, distracted by clouds and sun, to this rock n roll.
Jason S.
Soul Asylum is one of those bands that have been around forever, but despite a short time in the spotlight during the early 90's, they never reached super-stardom status like bands such as REM did.  I've always wondered why, given Soul Asylum's musical creativity and clever song writing, but to me its just as well, since they have never had to compromise.  I appreciate an act like them that can continue to just be themselves no matter what their status.     
Masterpiece! But why is no one react to that Sator stole introt from this song that did their "I Wanna go home" a big hit..?
Marge Simpson's grandma @ :43, lol.  Haven't seen this vid since pre-Simpsons era, though I've listened to Hang Time many times over the years.  My fave Soul Asylum LP by far.  Great live band back then, nice guys, too.  I'd hope for a reunion, but with Karl gone, it wouldn't be the same. 
Darcy Figuerido
the descendants are the band that started all of this...thank you milo
Ice 1
Great band
Greg Crainshaw
Chris Gadrix . this
Funny how this music wasn't popular in the 80s to explode in the early 90s, killing most of the bands from the 80s :)
Dammit...this is music. Where did it go?
The Wizard BC
Always loved the sincerity of this band THEN
Greg Lamb
Doesn't get any better than this.
John Ashe
This is really good music for 1988 , considering junk music like Motley Crue and all of those cheesy metal bands were topping the charts in 88 ,there was good music in the 80s,Soul Asylum,and Leonard Cohen s Various Positions(84),and I'm your Man(88),just wasn't topping the charts
I really don't know does this song make me feel better or does it just depress me