Soul Asylum - Easy Street

Music video by Soul Asylum performing Easy Street. (C) 1990 A&M Records

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Heather O
You can just see how happy Soul Asylum is in this video and how much fun they're having just playing music and doing what they love. It warms my heart.
Patricia Saltara
There are no easy answers, the questions remain tough
There's no shortcuts to easy street no corners you can cut
Can you cut this diamond in the rough
And it's good to see you alive
Sing your will to survive
A look into your heart before it sees ts final hour
Lived each day like there is no tomorrow
Before this mess ahead there is a street so very hard to find
Though I have got to lay my head down at this dead end so many times
And if we ever get to easy street, you can say with a smile
Royce Williams
I didn't realize it at the time, but this song really takes the Huskers' "Celebrated Summer" and kept that whole high energy melodic punk thing going. Soul Asylum, The Doughboys and Mega City Four were all doing great things at the time with the Mats and Huskers stuff.
Grop Rock Videos
I saw Soul Asylum several times in the 90's- some of it in relatively smaller venues. They were such an incredibly tight live band even back the--, like a Swiss clock. Horse They Rode In On is an incredible, combo of Americana roots rock, punk energy and ambitious melodic turns. When they got their moment of big fame you had to explain to folks watching MTV and listening to FM rock hit radio "No, Runaway Train is nothing like classic Soul Asylum. That song is not what makes them great. Listen to 'Horse'!"
David Davis
Thank you !!!!
Grande Pirner.
Eric M
Ass grab at 2:02. LOL
I think part of the reason "Easy Street" is great is the fact that Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy co-wrote it. They're both brilliant, but their styles are certainly different. Dan, I think, might rein in Dave's more esoteric lyrical ideas and bring a song like this back to basics, where it feels like it's at home.
Eric M
Miss you, Karl.
Speedy Gonzales
Inspirational song. Nuff said. ;)
Oh indeed =)
vikky underdown
Pretty sure Dave's hair is an epic mess.....
I don't want money, I don't want love, I don't want anything.. just that hair growing in my head
these guys rocked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Calvin Boone
awesome song i luv soul asylum and im only 9
Dave is adorable
This is the song that introduced me to Soul Asylum when it came out and instantly became a fan.
@TearsofaGhost Naw, I care.
@ACrackInTheWall2006 No washing. Seriously.
Can you believe this is over 20 years old?! I feel like an old man, with very good taste in music, and the good fortune to live in minneapolis.