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They say misery loves company

We could start a company and make misery

Frustrated Incorporated

Well I know just what you need

I might just have the thing

I know what you'd pay to see

Put me out of my misery

I'd do it for you, would you do it for me

We will always be busy making misery

We could build a factory and make misery

We'll create the cure; we made the disease

Frustrated Incorporated

Frustrated Incorporated

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Hernandez Arêdes
You're just a bunch of nostalgic people in your 30s and 40s.
Just like myself. Cheers.
Breeze Dorling
Randal: you know what?
Dante: what?
Randal: you're not even suppose to be here today snickers
Dante: sighs you feel it?
Randal: feel what?
Dante: today is the 1st day of the rest of our lives
camera slowly pulls back
Sean B
I just turned 40... I swear just yesterday this song was number one! life goes too fast my friends! Hug your kids and live life to the fullest, never know when your time is up. cheers! :)
Talk about "Misery". I had to sit through a Beyonce commercial before I could watch this.
Couch Guy Yn
Songs like this are the reason I am glad I was born in the early 80s and not later. This was back in the day when you would stay up late when you were supposed to be sleeping, all in hopes that you would hear this song come on the radio and be able to quickly press record. I miss the days of boom boxes and cassette tapes tbh.
John Richardson
Extremely underrated band from the 90's
As I much as I loved "Runaway Train," I thought "Misery" was their best single.
I purchased $100 worth of stock in Frustrated Incorporated in 1995. Now I'm a multimillionaire.
If you labor away for 40+ hours every week day in and day out and begrudgingly accept the fate of a repetitive dull adult life, then you've just found your anthem.
Perfect song, to a perfect ending.  (Clerks 2). 
Austin Charles
This dude's voice is so underrated, it's guys like him I wish there were more of in music.
liverneck jones
back when people bought cds
Andy Spencer
"Today is the first day of the rest of our lives."
Karl I
A great band that gets zero play time.
Dave Pirner ! very underrated lyricist
Drummers Eve
Im not even supposed to be here today...
We could build a factory and make misery
We'll create the cure; we made the disease
That's so fucking accurate to what's exactly happening in this life, peace :D
Heather Lombardi
I'm still listening to this in 2017
I loved their voices! As a 90's kids, I loved their song Runaway Train, had all their CDS makes me wish I was back in the 90's.
Ryan Thelander
These guys should have been so much bigger. Love this tune!