Soul Asylum - Black Gold

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Two boys on a playground

Tryin' to push each other down

See the crowd gather 'round

Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd

Black gold in a white flight

Fill up the tank let's go for a ride

I don't care about no wheelchair

I got so much left to do with my life

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martin zet
I thought this band is a one hit wonder. My mistake the whole album kicks ass!
Kathy Dodge
I really miss the 90's
Paul Johnson
Great band-underrated from the 90's era...sure like the music then compared to the crap music in general these days!
Remembered the "nothing attacts a crowd like a crowd" line today and felt like I wanted to hear this again...
James Bell jr.
Real alt rock for real listen up!
Max Weaver
Dave Pirner, deserves to be in the rock and roll hall of fame. He wrote some great, timeless music.
he's a mix between Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain
Jesus Gutierrez
Im here because in our area we have a radio station that plays nothin but 90s punk rock/alternative at noon for a full hour. I like this band a lot. I miss the 90s, much simpler times.
Jaylo Patron
Soul asylum is great!
PigMine 7
Holy crap, is that NORM at 1:10???
Chris Icton
I once met Dave and Wynona in the Dallas Airport American Airlines club lounge. They were so friendly to talk to.
David Milbrandt
Is that Norm from Cheers?
miguel vasquez borja
the steps that Axl Rose imitated
Jill King
My 14-year-old turned me on to this group in the 90's - I was in my 30's and totally loved their music. Still love them today. Totally underrated during the 90's but their non-mainstream music was fantastic. Where the hell did the 90's go?
Ryan Foster
Norm (George Wendt) cool
Dennis Dubak
for the record. George wendt  was the one that had a lot to do with soul asylums signing with Columbia records. goerge is now a rock n roll record producer. that's why he's in the vid. balls to the wall rockin band!!!
Michael Pal
Dave Pirner ROCKS!!! Love Soul Asylm!!! Thanks for the Awesome Rock n Roll!!!!
I love the 90's!
Andrea Pinto Uribe
90s the best music ever