Projexx - Rise Man A Rise (Official Lyrics Video)

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Projexx performing his track "Rise Man A Rise"

Prosperous Riddim

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Distributed by Zojak World Wide

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Rise we a rise mi fam. Our Time Now#19
Andre Berry
Youth Yuh Ave It🔥🔥👏💯🐊#Dohh stop sing!!
Cleon Maloney
This song mad it shoulda get more likes👍👍if u agree like di like button
Timoy Green
upliftment forever youth's🚀 straight progress this a seh without a doubt
Jakeem Mc Neil
I love it bro. Will be playing this on radio!!
Love this Song, ur voice tho' Damn!
matlock Soap
Cuz, i love this video and lyrics! Godspeed!🙏🙏 Big up! Up up❤🇯🇲🇨🇦 A suh di ting set.
Dev Watson
This one have to be on Repeat! Bless up Yuhself
Positive Music 2019! 🔥💯✊🏼🇬🇾
R Kiddo
Yout full a vibe💥 Rise man a rise bredda...much respect from Kenya🇰🇪
cardell spence
Yute your time now just put in the positive work.real meds with girl part g 100%
Michael Tanner
Projexx this tune shat!!!
Big ups mi yout!!!
Arturo Williams
Wow 🏛💐🌟
Oniel Lee
Dnt stop u ago win🙌🏿
Taliban Productions
You ago buss🔥🔥🔥
projexx nice work pon di riddim nuff love from kenya
Lamar Thompson
One x #projexx 💣
One team one goal 🤴
Diandrew Stafford
Nuff supper and love for this new artist never heard of him before but I am a new fan and Dr see the youths them rise out a the jungle ,do it Youth.
# Rise man a rise# good tune# riddim Moddddd markus
Christopher Mclaughlin
Big tune like father like son Marcus records new generation producer... journey strong🙏🏿