I’m Standing With You (Live From The 54th ACM Awards)

Charlie boy
Good intention... But forgetable song. The harmonies were out of tune several times. Too bad that not Even a power house like Carrie Underwood coudnt save this (very) average song and Performance. I repeat. I apreciate what this song Was intended BUT come on! These Moments ARE THE MOMENTS so make you sure you make them unforgotables!
Everyone talking about how "flat" Carrie was.... it's called "respect " for something that isn't yours. Carrie can outsing ALL OF THOSE WOMEN PUT TOGETHER , but bc this is NOT her song, she doesn't want to steal the spotlight from everyone else. Much respect to you Carrie Underwood!!!!
pam d
A beautiful song. Made me tear up. Loved it. ❤🙂
Elizabeth Crowley
Okay, Carrie's dramatic entrance is EVERYTHING. Amazing performance!! Also, I love how into it Lauren was lol
Amy Daley
Powerful Message. 💕 it.

I’m Standing with you.
tracy perna
Made me tear up. Beautiful
Jeremy Dodd
Lauren Alaina can hit them notes pretty good!! ❤️
She’s so beautiful. ♥️
My money is always on Carrie
Candace D
Wow God Bless them but Iam so glad I didn't watch 🤦‍♀️
Darwin Olesco
Lauren Alaina 😍❤
justin stephens
Mickey Guyton is incredible and so underrated... Country Music is sleeping on her. She has those powerhouse vocals like Carrie Underwood but is not accepted well in country music. I just hope Mickey finally gets the credit she deserves. I'm just glad this performance gave her a chance to perform on a major platform on live tv..
Her heart Started to beat again
These comments are horrible. For those rude, hurtful ones.. these beautiful ladies had the passion, the bravery to stand in front of the world and show true connection and love. I love the blue. I STAND WITH YOU! 🌏☮️💕
Abigale Buss
I forgot to watch the award show. I am glad that I got the chance to see this performance 💗
Esther lehr
having someone with u is good and I know odd will be against me
Prism king
Respect the living legend Carrie 🙌🏻🙌🏻
john delacruz
She's a singer?
Darcy Rheubottom
Chrissy...you inspire me to push past the fear and do what God calls me to do.I know that He speaks truth to your heart , mind, and very spirit.
He brings you to mind often in my prayer time....in all that you do, I'm truly standing by you . God connects hearts.Cheering for you all the way from Canada ,
and praising Jesus for all He has done.
Why was Kellie Pickler not included in this?
Evita Duran
It is wonderful to see all those ladies singing together.