Klaxons - Echoes

Music video by Klaxons performing Echoes. (C) 2010 Polydor Ltd. (UK)

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Laurinor Zorro
My great taste in music brought me here
Joe La Roche
No my life's moving to fast THIS WAS 8 YEARS AGO
Victor Moyabi
I knew this music from NFS hot pursuit
Radical Moose Limb
This sound swells my heart. Makes me sad and happy at the same time.
Need for speed hot pursuit
Ricardo Ramos
need for speed! 320 km/h 😍
Looks like Tatooine
Antonis Liaramantzas
Send out a sound for the wood between the worlds
Gently repeat as the boundaries start to swirl
Keep to the call that is twice now liminal
It's not the same where the trails lead to the outer regions
Echoes from the otherworld turn horizons into endless ever present
Many otherworlds true horizon start to turn
Numberless names withe the force of the ninth wave
Keep to the call that's repeated in the outer regions
Echoes from the otherworld turn the horizon into endless ever present
Many otherworlds true horizon makes the endless ever
Present echoes into otherworlds true horizons into the endless ever
Present echoes
Many otherworlds true horizon takes a turn
Echoes reflect and change they serenade
Alex Stava
nfs hot pursuit brought me here
Francisco Pineda
Need for speed brought me here.
Google made me do it
I'll continue listening to this song when I'm dead
Jorge Eluchans
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit :-)
Govind Dixit
NFS Hot Pursuit!!
Hector Adolf Beltran Moncada
I remember when i heard this song for first time in the last week of school
Kuba Gajda
Beatiful song.
The being destroyer of worlds
This is not a 23 minute long epic and emotional masterpice
Bob Adels
This song made me to pick up playing guitar. The way they stand in the fucking desert playing guitar looks just awesome. 
PapaDogz 971
too many memories that music brings me back in the past by making me shed tears of sorrow
Nostalgia omg... good times 2010