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But I've got someone to make reports

That tell me how my money's spent

To book my stays and draw my blinds

So I can't tell what's really there

And all I need's a great big congratulations

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PJ MasterDiddy
Felt so bad for that alien camel-bird falling down the hill :(
These guys will be the ones that our children will say about "I wish I lived in this generation"..
The comments section appears to have turned into a forum for people with existential anxiety
kenard beee
I feel bad for that poor creature. It's so depressing.
Andrei Sapowjski

The new Star Wars trailer looks nice
"I'd rather dissolve than have you ignore me"
Goat Boi
Maxmoefoe caresses a dying turkey.
everyone here is a philosopher
Mathias DP
it really bothers me that he doesn't close his eyes when sinking in the sand...
Jeremy S
I feel like that ugly alien thing represents me and my life falling apart each day
Amanda Stoker
This is probably the most disturbing/depressing music video I've ever watched. I somehow have an emotional attachment to the bird and I don't even know why. This is legit. Good song too.
The Internet
No nightmarish creepy-ass-looking alien-ostrich-turkey weird things were harmed in the making of this video.

Except for that one.
Renata Horvat
Andrew and Ben, walking through the desert with an overcooked chicken.
I'm actually crying after this video dammit. Why did they make the poor desert bird suffer?
Dead in the water
It's not a paid vacation
The sons and daughters of city officials
attend demonstration.
It's hardly sink or swim when all is well if the ticket sells.

Out with a whimper
It's not a blaze of glory.
You look down from the temple as people endeavor to make it a story.
And chisel the marble word
But all is lost if it's never heard.

But I've got someone to make reports
that tell me how my money's spent 
to book my stays and draw my blinds 
so I can't tell what's really there
And all I need's a great big congratulations.

I'll keep your dreams.
You pay attention for me.
As strange as it seem, I'd rather dissolve than have you ignore me.
The ground may be moving fast, 
but I tied my boots to a broken mast.

The difference is clear
You throw it in your cauldron.Rust and veneer, dusk and dawn,
Steinways and Baldwins.
You start with a simple stock of all the waste, 
and salt to taste.

But damn my luck and damn these friends 
that keep on combing back their smiles.
I save my grace with half-assed guilt 
and lay down the quilt upon the lawn.
Spread my arms and soak up congratulations.
RIP strange abominaton
Eagle tits
Every time that leg falls off all I can think is
Cameron Worsham
I believe this creature represents ET's grandfather who came to earth also in the search for his grandson, but all is lost and this comment is dumb anyways
"I'd rather dissolve than have you ignore me" another cool quote for my collection :-)
Diego Santiago Marinho
people live their lives waiting for tomorrow, as if they would not die. the are Always anxious and making plans for the future, as if the present was irrelevante, superfluous, just one more step to achieve the future. they spend their entire lives living this paradox, and finally when they die, well, nothing happens, the cycle just repeat itself, well congratulations!