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Halfway around the world

Lies the one thing that you want

Buried in the ground, hundreds of miles down

First thing that arises in your mind while you awake

Is bending you til you break

Let me hold you now

Baby close your eyes

Don't open til the morning light

Baby don't forget

You haven't lost it all yet

Don't know what your made of

Til the one thing that you want

To come in with the dawn and suddenly changes

Monday, syndicate meets everyone the same

But all we've lost to the flame

Listen to me now

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Jesus Christ, I've been surfing through The Fray videos and I now realized that all their songs are good.
this song is so underrated
Hunter Hartzell
Anyone listening to it in 2016!🙌🏻
daundray porter
my speakers and my headphones are soo loud that my ear might be bleeding but i dont care im listening to the fray!
Kevin Ramírez
A lot of memories in this song.. 2016 someone?
Oyinkan O.
This is the first song I listened to when my friend jake many feelings attached. Rest In Peace, buddy. I'll forever love and miss you 💜
Soumyadeep Hansda
i still love this song even after these years!!!
Isaac Slade just has an amazing voice man! I'm jealous of it sometimes--yet captivated lol #TheFray
winter ivy
Best band ever
Jacob W
the fray are my favourite band in the whole world they literally are the best thing that's ever happened to me and they have saved me from suicide so many times.
Pure perfection _
Bella Anime
This band is so amazing, who could hate them, they're awesome!
macalah frink
This band has kept me moving through the worst days.
divya shridar
sony spelt wrong in the description
evan blake
im 14 and listening to the fray is the first time i have truly appreciated music
Mega Yoshi
This is my favorite song of all time :)
Nazy Manji
This band is so underrated. We all all that One Direction and all the other bullshit taking over the top charts when The Fray should be #1...
Giga Gamby
Just because I love this song so much and listen to it every day, I'm gonna keep track in the comments of every day I listen to this song :)