Angels & Airwaves - Anxiety (Official Video)

From the album Love part 1 and 2

Directed by Mark Eaton & William Eubank

Copyright (C) 2011 To The Stars, Inc.

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Angels & Airwaves - Anxiety (Official Video) Смотреть онлайн
Astronomer Lover
idc if he's in Blink-182 or Angels & Airwaves im following Tom DeLonge no matter where he goes.
Rey Solomon Rodriguez
Who's member in blink182,BCR,AVA,+44 fan club?😁
Melissa Mc
This band is so underrated
They are amazing
While I still like Blink, I must admit that Tom is right: they need to make music that represent them more. Mark and Travis still want to make juvenile tracks while Tom wants a more mature sound and AVA is perfect for this
I really wish they would stop pressuring Russ
benjamin crofts
This band helped me become a better person.A better father.A better spouse.A better son.A better brother.Thanks Tom for influencing a more positive state of mind.
Kenny Rodriguez
We just need Angel's and Airwaves on Tour with Blink-182 period.
Michael Margono
Tom Delonge is the king of awkward dancing. he needs a guitar in his hands at all time lmao
i always used to rip on tom for leaving blink and i hated ava and once i gave them a chance they became my favorite band pretty much instantly
Estela R. Mendez
"Don’t pressure us, anxiety
I’m a passenger 
So serious, anxiety
Just a passenger"
Darth Jaulce
I miss the days when AVA was actually a band and not about merchs, UFOs and all that stuff.
Good Song, deserves more attention than 40k views.
Nadia Khan
I am desperate for an Angels and Airwaves tour.
I love how in the second syllable of this song you already know who's singing
Baacer Baather
Who is 'Rus', and why are they trying to pressure him?
Sev Pha
I love Tom Delonge, his ability, his talent and the works, but he sounds best with Mark and Travis.
This was AvA' s best lineup!
Wu Cong
Tom si ves esto, soy un gran admirador tuyo, sinceramente creas música muy buena desde los comienzos de blink 182 hasta tu ultimo album de Angels & Ariwaves
Marty McFly
Don’t pressure Russ
Key Taste
this is better then the new blink 182 song -.-