Angels & Airwaves "Everything's Magic"

Remember this music video/short film we made in 2008 for Everything's Magic? If you never saw it then it's new to you. No, this was not a video for Call To Arms. Someone ripped it from our old website and made a fan video for Call to Arms with it. We shot it for Everything's Magic, but decided not to release it as our official music video, and shot something that featured the whole band instead. We didn't get around to uploading it to Youtube back then - better late than never I guess...

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Jack Malcic
2:07 The Josie Run
i like more this video than the official c:
Boomer really matured, at least he doesn't have blond hair anymore
Andrew Gunderman
I'd like to see poet Anderson and boomer in a music video. Please
brz lover
poet Anderson before he was announced
Jack Malcic
Actually, I can see references to Josie, Voyeur and Breathe
Amy Chang
I'm pretty sure they enjoyed making this video.
Cansın Ölmz
Did you know ?
I love you ..

1:30 ''Breathe'' =)
Theres in nothing better than this video!
It should have been the official vid. It fits so perfect, is so funny and romantic. Back than, i loved it from the first second..
Astora Langit Samudera
This video is adventurous, fits the music perfectly :) not my first time watching this, but yeah it's a good thing that I can get this from your official account
Tatiana Gibson
0:40 Tom's so tall
Yoga Prasidya
Tom would become a great Actor !!
slightly below jared letto tho.
Just a video of Tom Delonge being awesome like always.
Matheus de Souza
everything everything's magic
Joe Sigourney
Why have I not seen this before lol
tom poet anderson <3 love you tom since dude ranch <3 love everything u do/did . ava is the greatest thing
This is so much better than the official xD !!
This music video is amazing. I love the story and humor behind it it's what makes Tom so creative this should have been the official video but at the same time it's nice to have this and not nearly as many people know the magic of this
Muhammad Farrel .xhiigen20.
tom's crazy is backk....
Andy Lodic
I've seen this before..Hilarious Tom Delonge!! haha..