Angels & Airwaves "Diary" Official Music Video

Angels & Airwaves official music video for the track "Diary" from the new double - EP "Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal". On sale December 18th 2012 - taking pre-sale orders NOW! Exclusive digital & merch bundles available only at

Directed by Mark Eaton

Angels & Airwaves "Diary" Official Music Video Смотреть онлайн
gutinhu o trator
the most underrated band of the new century, period.
Alex Davies
I think I'd'd wife any girl who appreciated this as much as I do.
Tatiana Gibson
whenever the magic of this song seems to slip away, i come back and watch this incredible video and end up in tears. nothing is more beautiful than the passion AVA puts into their music and message
Mr Brunswic
This is a song where just sit back and realize how many people in your life mean the most to you.
Vadym Jurkovyč
Open out the air flow
Taking in the ray of light
Stretch across the long coast
Falling back to past time
Sleeping in your wallow
Crying and shivering
Hunting for your sorrow
Bending down to hold it
Shiver like you're gonna try
Scatters like it a comets
Killing off your habit

Take me as your servant
Take me as your weapon
Take me as your courage
Take me as your servant
Take me as your servant
Take me as your servant
My wife walked down the isle to this song the part were it starts with breath and the rest of the wedding was AVA too. AVA made our life
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Before the women and true friends came into my life there was Angels & Airwaves, my first true love. No other musical artist has had such an impact on me, hell, before I heard WDNTW I thought I just didn't enjoy music in general. They've only been around for 8 years but the impression they've left so far is timeless. Through the tough times AVA always had me thinking positive and looking forward to the future. This video put an enormous grin on my face, I really needed to hear something to get me motivated today and this was just what the doctor ordered.
This man & band has motivated me to follow a dream & even tho I'm scared to make the change I so desperately want to, I know il find that courage to make it soon enough.
Adam Chaytor
RIP Critter the 5th member of AvA.Love....
Jessica Stone
This is literally my favourite song ever.. It's crazy how much something as simple as a song can mean to you
One of the most beautiful song i have ever listen to. Thank you Tom!
Kody Peterson
This song is so powerful and has so much meaning... Every time I listen to this song it puts me in another dimension. 
BADG Records
Thanks so much Tom. You were always in my heart. Like a big brother or an uncle in another way. You`re music, Angels and Airwaves, Blink 182 raised me up so much! Love you, man! Big thanks to your whole Team!
christian wickens
Heard this a thousand times and still get chills like its the 1st time. Long Live AVA
Travis Hammond
Been loving Tom Delonge since the first time I heard Dude Ranch when I was 12 years old. This is easily one of the best songs he has ever made, and just seeing how much impact Critter had makes it that much more powerful. Jerry Finn made Blink, Critter made AVA. The hidden members, but not forgotten.
Music like this is why Blink pale in comparison to AVA.
Derryan Pratama
What a crime!! This band is so underrated by many people
Chloe Lash
I'm crying
Pixel Pusher
Full body goosebumps @ 5:49.

Breathe. Looking up to heaven. Taking in the ray of light. Stretching across the long coast. Falling back this last time. Sleep in a wallow. Crying and shivering. Hunting for your sorrow. Bending down to hold it. Shiver like a you're gonna try. Scatters like a serpent. Killing off your habit. Take me as your servant. Take me as your weapon. Take me as your courage. Take me as your servant. Take me as your servant. Take me as your servant.
Annissa Wulandary
I have been high since hear this music