Angels & Airwaves - Soul Survivor (...2012) (Official Video) From The Movie "Love"

From the album Love parts 1 and 2

Director: William Eubank

Music video for Soul Survivor (...2012) (Official Video) From The Movie "Love" performed by Angels & Airwaves.

Copyright (C) 2011 To The Stars.

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Angels & Airwaves - Soul Survivor (...2012) (Official Video) From The Movie "Love" Смотреть онлайн
Jesse I
i love how so few people have watched and listened to this band compared to the rest of the music industry. This kind of soul music bring meaning to those who have no clue where to look. "Music is good when it makes you dance, but music is great when it make you who you are" -Delonge
David Martin
I know a lot of Tom's songs are out there and hard for most people to understand, but this one is pretty obvious to me. It's a plea for people who are thinking they are alone in the world to maintain hope that they will find someone else out there that has experienced the same thing, because chances are were not alone even in our wildest experiences.
martin mueller
One of the best bands ever!!!
Alex Costova
This is one of my favorite songs! Its beautiful! 🙏💯☝️
Edgar rivera
better then 182
Probably my favorite ava song. Gave me more chills than any other piece I can think of.
32k views? shame. this is gold.
Elijah Luna
Tom has always killed it with his song-writing. I've always listened to other sounds and bands but Blink, BCR, and now AVA just always spoke to me. His sound is one to be reckoned with. He basically introduced a new genre when the self titled album came out. Now we just need a angels and airwaves tour before this guy gets abducted by some government project.
Eatin Paul
Stay weird Tom, stay weird.
I could just hear this guy talk for hours if I could, I dunno

I like it
we're all soul survivors from time to time if we're not helping our own souls, we're helping each others, if it is even a lover, friend, family member or even a stranger.
Acts of kindness to one another should never be dismayed but embraced!
Liberis Puritatem
Probably the best stuff Tom achieved with AVA.
klach khobeib
one of my best songs ever
John Mathers
tom is a genius in this genre. LOVE AvA
El Universo Una Estrella
A perfect song
Kaisen Bracker
Would be cool to see Tom skating in a music video
Real` Chanel
I'll support you ^^ AVA
Derek Testorff
That's some real shit at the beginning.
Kshitij Jamdade
good lyrics