Janet Jackson - Dammn Baby (Music Video)

The new album UNBREAKABLE available now.

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Lucy No name
This video illustrates that you can be sexy and alluring while fully clothed. You either have it or you don't!
Szczęść Boże!
Michael Jackson- King
Janet Jackson- Queen
Candace Michelle
That walk though!
This is so underrated
Ariel Delaney
If this is 50, I'm so here for it!
Kara Royal
50 years old. And dancing like she is 20 years old!!!!!!!
Pauletta Williams
So are we not gonna talk about how Janet sampled herself??? With I get lonely from the velvet rope album... all hail Empress Janet
Aline Desiree Kezetmin
This is the not just the queen of pop she influenced rnb artist also! Her and michael are royalty in music
Like if you are here to celebrate Ms. Jacksons undeniable impact and legacy!
Lori Wilson
Love her hair
Michelle's Avakin
janet the queen and michael the king of pop!
Channel for an Art Lover
I can't look at her without remembering how great Michael Jackson was, he was amazing and so is Janet she is so talented and of the rare artists.
WARNING: Bad bish alert!! Your edges are NOT SAFE!!!
Karola Dziubak
Her hair is everything 😍😍
Troi Towel
Anybody else watch this maybe 3-4 times before they finally give it up to do it again tomorrow? :)
sisi call
I can see where Beyonce got her inspiration from...
Tatianna Mitchell
She still got the moves
Dlnrl Rosemary 77
Instead of saying the year I’m here I will say that Janet has been one of my top 3 woman faves from the 80’s to today. Always empowering, and classy. Bravo, Queen! 👑💜🎶
50 is the new 20
The attitude she gives when she performs is life!!!