DJ Khaled - Just Us ft. SZA

Director: Joseph Kahn

Producer: Dave Kemp

Production Company: Only Child TV

DJ Khaled online:

(C) 2019 We The Best / Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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hOW yOu dOiNG
Sza it has been 2 years im waiting for an album you and riri need to stop playing im losing it 😭😭😭😆😒😒.
Eugene Allen
SZA out here looking like 🔥 Wonder Woman 🔥🤩👍🏾
All who still remember Outcast and 3000 voice on this track hit like
Amad Btmkr
Too good love from france ! im a compositor if you got 1 Minute to give a feedback it's a happy day for me ;p
i cant hear nothing but "im sorry ms. jackson" in my head its drowning out szas voice im sorry cant help it maybe if the beat wasn't so heavily sampled sheeshh
Kgabo Clinton
This song will be definitely be a soundtrack of a certain movie this year, Mark my words
Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea
Did any other 80s or 90s babies fee chills when they heard the beat? 🙌🏼
sisa libala
Dammmnnn Dj Khaled is a workaholic .all these videos in a one day .
Shadrak Masumbuko
Father of asahd,, u kill it for really .everybody say yessssss.
Fans: Dj how many music video r u gonna upload

Dj Khaled: Another 1
Fila Nike
This is one of those classic beats that shouldn't have been touched, I keep singing Ms Jackson in my head lol!
Pulse Music
Only question is did Miss Jackson accept the apology? Comment below 🤣🤣😂😂👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿
Liquid Bacon
I'm sorry SZA (ooo) I am fo reeeaaal.
But ya need-to-drop-an album very soon.
If not, oh well. This-shit-still a tune! 🔥🔥
Khaled looking like the Burger King dude 😭
Fortnite is Bae!
Producer: DJ Khaled how many 'another one' you gonna say in this video
Dj Khaled: Another one
Diviñe Beaüty
SZA skin is so beautiful😢💕! I wish she would show her freckles to make her even more beautiful😍😍😍 I freaking love this song. Repeat repeat repeat!🙈
This song should be remixed, is it me or does this beat need #Outkast..? Sza love the Vocals amazing job all and all you did the song justice...
Who do you love:
Dj Khaled : like
Ariana Grande: Comment
rell_0_89 Psn
Khaled won album of the year with this one 🔥💯🔥💯
Michael Rhodes
I LOVE SZA, but this just sounds unfinished. Like a studio sample. But the visuals 🔥