2CELLOS & Zucchero - Cosi Celeste

2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Hauser are joined on stage by legendary Zucchero, performing his song Cosi Celeste at their historical 5th anniversary concert at King Tomislav Square in Zagreb, Croatia in front of 50 000 people, July 2016

Dusan Kranjc, drums

Zeljko Nikolin, keyboard

Filmed by MedVid produkcija

Video editing by MedVid produkcija and Hauser

Audio produced by Filip Vidovic and Hauser

Lighting design by Crt Birsa

2CELLOS & Zucchero - Cosi Celeste Смотреть онлайн
Shovan Pyne
You guys are awesome wow fire comes out of your fingertips 🔥🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽💕💕💕
Roberta Perani
Questa canzone era già un gioiello prima, in originale. Ma con il vostro contributo diventa ancora più preziosa.
Siete grandiosi!
Riccardo Musiu
Woow I love this song, it reminds me of Christmas. This version is gorgeous! thanks a lot 2Cellos and Zucchero! Many greetings from Sardinia, Italy 👍👍😉🇮🇹 Super Like for you
Darja Savarus
This song can melt an iceberg. I'm melted already and it feels good. 😎👍
Kay C
Just recently discovered these guys, been living under a rock. Man they're amazing!
It's a kind of magic...so beautiful & romantic..❤️
BEAST gaming
What am I listening
2 cellos playing soft music
Vicente Orjales Sánchez
Dios los da y ellos se juntan,magnífico,impresionante,divino de la muerte,un saludo y un like desde Naron(Galicia)
Hector Gomez
Hermoso, soy un admirador de ustedes. ¿Para cundo en ARGENTINA?.
Muchas gracias por tanta belleza musical.
Un gran saludo y Felicidades.
A lot of love from Italy❤️❤️❤️
almudena dejose roca
Dos cellos si ya sin buenos sin Zucchero con el se vuelven inmejorables gracias por vuestro arte 👏👏👏❤😘❤
Ica M.
Zucchero make me proud of being italian!! And these two guys are amazing!!!Love them!!
John Edward Jones
Beautiful deep passion personified. Would love to have been there.❤💥⭐
Catherine BEDUER
Wow, FANTASTIC !! I love 2CELLOS and Zucchero so much... I'm very happy, Wonderful song. Congratulations and Thank you so much 2CELLOS and Zucchero 💝💗💗💗 I love you so much 😍🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤
this guy has an amazing voice, my dad listened to him a lot when i was little :') Still love this voice, you guys are amazing too !
Professional musicians, live music, good quality standard, good charismatic singer that sings live and sing his song on tune. Is still possible👍✨very super nice it sound really good.
Blanca Nicolae
Thank you for this! It is amazing!💞
I fell in love with the cello from watching Kevin Olusola from PTX and then started looking for other cellists. You guys popped up, and I'm now trying to watch everything you've posted! You're amazing!
Antonio F. R.
Impresionante música en estado puro.
carina agnarsson
Wow !💕 I'm completely in Love with this amazing music 😍