Feenixpawl x Rico & Miella - Play With Fire

Armada Music
Feenixpawl x Rico & Miella - Play With Fire

Progressive House in its finest, most hooking form, Feenixpawl’s collab with Rico & Miela has mainstage magic written all over it. From the entrancing chord progressions to the vocal duet and synth-led melody, ‘Play With Fire’ has all the hallmarks of a festival anthem.

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Feenixpawl x Rico & Miella - Play With Fire Смотреть онлайн
Nguyễn Lê Chi Bảo
this year's gonna be an amazing year when Progressive House is back! <3 <3
Great song! Hermosa canción, nada mejor que el progressive house ♥️♥️
Rico & Miella
Its finally here! We love this one and we think you guys are going to love it too. We couldn't make it happen without Feenixpawl and Armada!
Alexander Liu
ABSOLUTELY massive, Feenixpawl just cannot disappoint when it comes to making progressive house and big room bangers like this. One of my favorites today!! Love the cover art too!!
Christian Ozorio
Nothing better then some progressive house from Feenixpawl for the weekend 🔥🔥
Progressive House ❤❤
Daryl Samir Díaz
Yesss, there's nothing better than progressive house. beautiful song
Klaudia Julia
Amazing song🎶 👉🔥❤🔥👌🎶
Perfectly done! Really nice ❤
FeenixPawl has been my favorite guy since 2017, thank you for the amazing track
Lucas Matheus
2019. The year of progressive house !
Great Prog House from Feenixpawl combine with Rico & Miella voice, this is amazing song💓💓💓
Awesome SkyscraperProject
Progressive House 4 Life ☺️😏😏
Elena Luca
Fantastic tune vocal , beautiful voice love it 🎶🎹🔊🔥🔥🔥🙌❤❤❤
Asia Jankowiak
Amazing song 🔥💗💗🔥
kubix 533
Good Music!
Bruno Pereira do Nascimento
👍 Wow 🎉
francisco guzman
Hermoso sonido <3
Sigan así!.
Calypso McLean
Valdez don't play with fire!
Giovanni La Licata
In love with this 🥰❤