Walker Hayes - Don't Let Her (Lyric Video)

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Summer Smith hollon
Now this is one amazing too cute song, I love this...you did mind bowing on the lyrics and everything else...YOU GOOD JOB!!!!
Kris Baird
How freaking adorable is this?! 🥰
Sara McMaster
Beautiful song They are just the cutest couple 😍💕
Puppy23 Gymnast
How could someone dislike this!!!??
Cara Sestak
This song is so cute! 💜
EmmaG LaRoche
Walker Hayes you are the bestest country singer ever!!! And that's a cool song!!!
Katelyn Sater
This is such a cool song! Not gonna lie I definitely shed a few tears
Brandon M
Love this song and your style, no one does it like you man. Keep it up 🔥
I have no money
When I first heard and saw walker Hayes I was at a Thomas Rett concert he came up first and his first song was "mind candy" and I got his album as soon as it came out
Elizabeth McDonald
yes! so darn cute! the perfect visualization for this song, I hope it will be "the official" video and not merely "the lyric" video.good job Walker Hayes team!!
Eva Kirigo
Glad I stumbled upon this gem!!!
Crying. Love this. I always tell my boyfriend that if something ever happens to him, I could never fall in love again. This is such a cute song. ❤️
Caleb Batch
In a time where every country song sounds the same, this is so refreshing! Great idea and execution!
Laney!!!!!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Shytowngrl Me
I love this 💚😊 awe 😍🥰
Teagan Brossier
I had this song on repeat for like an hour and half (maybe?) today. Which meant that I was crying for an hour and a half (maybe?) today.
Happy tears tho. Don’t worry.
Jeannie Fairchild
I love this one!!!!!
Jasmin Malone
LOVE!! ❤
douglas becker
brilliant. ty.
colleen rhodes
Omg great song