Sara Bareilles - Fire (Dave Audé Remix - Audio)

Alexis R Castañeda
Of the 12 years being a fan of Sara, I never thouhgt I could go clubbin' with one of her songs
Most beautiful woman alive
This song was already super groovy, this is such a cool take on it!
Des Lee
Fierce. I think I still prefer the original mix (what I do love about this album is how organic and earthy it sounds) but this is plenty slick too. Love it!
Yvonne Ali
YES! This is the boost I needed today!
Beatriz Silva
Essa mulher não cansa de me dar tiro 💙
The original was already beautiful, this is a masterpiece to listen to too
Soulai Vang
Love your music. Keep it up!
ASMR Algeria
Good song 🔥🔥🔥🔥love from Algeria 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
Uneducated Erudite
It's good. The original is better. Speeding up your voice. No. I have all your music. I love it but not this as much.
a universe of talent , wrapped up in a drop dead gorgeous package. sultry, with the voice of an angel.
It's like Cascada never left! 😆
Shannon Davis
I love your style Sara. Now I wish I was at a club hearing this song. Always stay blessed. 💕💕🍻🍻
Nice, I like it 😍
Amy Holdin
Not a fan of the remix, to be honest. It just sounds disjointed to me. I love the original, though!
Dale Bell
This gets me dancing through a broken heart. 💛
What a great song 👍
Mugha-To awomi
It feels my Nerves...moves...Sara
Rodney Gaskins
Sweet groove I got my backpack rdy ;)
Jacob Laurenzana
5th :)