Burna Boy - Gbona (Official Music Video)

Burna Boy - Gbona (Official Music Video)

"Gbona" available now!

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Burna Boy - Gbona (Official Music Video) Смотреть онлайн
Brian Okello
The producers of songs like these deserve multiple Grammys. Seriously if you can come up with a beat like this you are a sound wizard.
Good Music
When you are about to leave the club then you hear "Killa Killa!!!!"
Kevin Frias
OK... I was born and raced in Panama from Jamaican grandparents. I started paying more attention to African artists a few years ago and I can't explain how proud I am to see all the success they're having with their beats and songs. I just thank them all for making all of us black people descendant of the inhuman slavery that brought our ancestors from our mother land AFRICA. You guys keep it going and making more of us proud!!!
You'll never know how much I wish to know my relatives from motherland but it is nearly impossible so the only way to connect is through this music!!!
Thumbs up if you agree with me.
Sam Kaburu
2019 , Wakenya mko wapi?
Kilo kilo .....
Paul Okello
if u feel 2019 is going to be great let me have many thumb up
Andria Lagrone
Big shout out to the choreography and the director of this video such dope work!!
Anazia Felix
🇳🇬🇳🇬 if you love Nigeria hit like
Aria Monda
Its time we black folks demand the respect we ought to have"
Support if you agree..
Nor be lie. Burna boy is the New Generation of Fela
Lilz Sz
This shoulda been on the Black Panther tracklist
alex tagbo
This is Afrobeat 101
First lesson: GBONA
No of Students: 17 million
Tutor: Burna Boy👏👏👏👌
Remark: 2019 recommendation👍
Kelvin Mwendia
Am Kenyan and I came here because an Arab was playing this jam in his car 🤠
Yoruba_ Yoruba
How am I just discovering this, this song got me in a trance
Emmanuel Ben-Obaje
So can we now all agree that burna is the best in Naija?
Fleur Belyse
anyone watching and scrolling thé comments plz give me thumbs up and comment plz if u do love this Guy and this song
John Mweha
East Africa wapi likes zangu jameni 🇰🇪🇰🇪
Henry Emel
All I'm seeing is black queens and black excellence 😍 #visuals 🇳🇬
Finding Medicine
I was captured by this video. The men and the women made me cry. As a Jamaican, my spirit moved, my body quivered and my heart was in Jubilee. Thank you guys for doing this.
Freddy rasiel Polanco
Am dominican and I love this music this track is too much 👌
liam nyirenda
Why listing to Lil Wayne or trey songs when I can listen to burn a boy