Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster - Listen Close [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Video for Listen Close by Gentlemen of Fortune Productions

Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster - Listen Close [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Смотреть онлайн
Kars Landman
Wtf is up with the stuttering
Ryndan Riley
Changing your style and selling out are not the same thing. Selling out is what Atreyu did back in the day. Their music became more simple and boring while it also got softer and more radio friendly. Maylene didn't sell out, they just started singing instead of yelling. Yes this song is softer than old Maylene, but it's no less intricate or well put together. Plus selling out means you get more popular. They did the unpopular thing by changing their style. People change and so does the music they want to make.
Shawn Lawson
ha ive been sitting here trying to figure out what was playing in the background. turns out its just the video. BTW I love this song.
Thales Ribeiro de Andrade
oh, my boy... You are so damn wrong.
I have to say I agree. They sold out
Chris Venable
they have a Drive by Trucker sound...And thats not a bad Maylen and DBT them some bama boys right there
Paul Shore
brian adams and the sons of nickleback
I am so glad for this. I'm seeing them on Thursday and would love to just hear I and II all the way through.
why did Dallas' scream change so much? You can listen to Underoath and would never realize they are the same screamers... or is it just me?
Drew Rippy
Maylene is awesome, I just saw them in Nashville. Guess how many songs they played off the 4th albumn. This song. They didn't play any more because it doesn't even sound like normal Maylene. DUH. I love Maylene, but they fucked the 4th albumn.
seriously if you say "fuck the haters" it makes you sound like your a fan of justin beiber. not having a go man just giving you the heads up. who gives a fuck what anyone thinks ? and the best way of showing you dont give a fuck is to just say nothing and ignore them
Joel Liss
Why is the sound on this video so choppy?
jonathan leiva
hardcore band?, fuck that shit, maylene was made for being a southern rock oriented band and i really love that, this song is the example, lynyrd skynyr would be fucking proud!
Tyler Ciszar
Well, there goes one of my favorite bands.
its incredibly rare for a hardcore band to stay as hardcore-that method of singing is hell on vocal chords and it leads a lot of artists to choose between going softer or losing a future doing what they love. It's a dumb reason to hate a band. Maylene still kills it, this is awesome
John Brey
Don't mistake versatility with selling out. They're talented artists, fans are dumb
egergarg ergergerae
this isnt even from the last album. why are people bitching here?
Cody LaFountain
Too damn good.
Jake Tatar
Eric Schmid
3 words. Commercially. Polished. Turd.