Maylene and the Sons of Diaster - Dry The River (Full Length

Directed by Andrew Paul Bowser

Maylene and the Sons of Diaster - Dry The River (Full Length Смотреть онлайн
Michelle Westcott
Maylene precedes Duck Dynasty by nearly a decade.  They just happen to produce Southern Metal which closely matches the fun loving, backwoods environment and lifestyle the Robertsons and others like them enjoy.
this upload quality is unacceptable
Cole Delvecchio
Why is Walter White chasing them?
Juan Frusciante
Two beardless mums.
I chew redman. So now you know.....
James Hinchcliffe
I get this weird amish style facial hair going. do I count
Jon Snow
3:04 i thought it was aaron gillespie.. or is it?
Nate Lisech
He Is Legend.
Zhelma Ale
WOW! is incredible ; lmL
anyone know of any other bad ass southern bands like Maylene? Or how Maylene used to be..
Donnie Lovemonkey
not awesome at all to be exact
Nick Hutcheson
Yeah i thumbs downed at the thought of women growing beards !
Nick Hutcheson
Such a good and unique christian band. Its good that they will go from other perspectives and then make sure to discuss their beliefs too. "Evil actions will be met with divine justice"
Δ 13
Yeah even our women should grow beards how awesome would that be!?
Rogelio Rendon
I'm pretty sure this video is about Ma Barkers sons...after all, that's what their band name is supposed to mean, haha. Ma Barker was the mother of a bunch of criminals and mother of gang. Band name = Evil lives will end with divine justice.
be good if it was better quality
What's the story for this video? Any guesses to WHY they're gettin chased and killed?
Raphael Guarghias
my moustache is a beard now^^
Daylan Pearce
FACT: If your dad doesn't have a beard, then you've got two moms.