Chris Cornell – The Promise (Theatrical Version)


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Rosy Jocobi
It's impossible not to cry we miss you, CHRIS CORNELL WE LOVE YOU FOREVER
How beautiful and still missing you daily my dear friend that I never got to meet. Thanks Chris for giving me a reason to not commit suicide a little over 10 years ago. Your music and the dream of seen Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog reunite one day made it worth staying alive. And what do you know, you made the dream come true. I wish I could have been there for you when you needed me the most, just as you were there for me. But I will keep the promise and I will keep moving forward. Thanks again for existing Chris Cornell and see you later...until we meet again.
Milo Taconella
This version is great. As I said before Chris passed away, this song deserves an Oscar... Missing Chris... His final masterpiece❤️
No one sings like you anymore.
That was a little hard to watch :/
Ju Dickhaut
I'm crying....i miss him sooo really hurts
Analía I.
Dear Chris, NO ONE SINGS LIKE YOU ANYMORE... It hurts the way you looked so sad and tired in this video. The song deserves the Oscar. I love the lyrics. It's a very deep and sweet ballad.
I promise I'll never forget you. You'll always be the soundtrack of my life and I'll keep you in my heart forever.
Bryce Rollins
Damn I miss this guy... what a beautiful song, I wish he could of persevered and thrived. Thanks for all the amazing music, concerts, and memories Chris; we will keep your promise & legacy alive.
we miss u so much chris!

"Behind your eyes
The hope and light
That will never die"
Rogier Versteeg
Crying....He looks so lost...R.I.P. Chris...
Hard to watch RIP dear Chris we won't forget you x
Anok Stone
I can feel the sadness in his voice
Querido Chris, seguramente te hubieran conmovido hasta el llanto, los bellas muestras de afecto y de respeto de colegas y personas de diferentes ambitos; ese fue el profundo legado que dejaste en todos nosotros, descansa en paz... buen viaje... nunca te olvidaremos...
So incredibly beautiful and majestic.
Fernando Cardenas
Hay personas que nunca conocimos en persona y sin embargo influyen tanto en nuestras vidas, que cuando ellos se van perdemos un parte de nosotros... asi es con Chris, siempre te llevamos con nosotros, es una promesa.
Pierre Beukes
Seattle Rock God! World Rock God!
C. C.
💔💔💔😔😔😔it will always hurt and never be ok... What a lost.... So devastated... I can't watched all... Can't stop u....💚💔😣😢
Alan Rodrigo
Really painful to watch. It's been six months but I think it will never stop hurting.
This is his masterpiece 😢 but he will never be forgotten
BornVillain 1997
Inevitable no llorar
Kari Romoser
Beautiful. I hope it wins an Oscar. Truly one of the best voices and songs... You are missed, Chris.