George Strait - Write This Down (Official Music Video)

Music video by George Strait performing Write This Down. (C) 1999 MCA Nashville

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George Strait - Write This Down (Official Music Video) Смотреть онлайн
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you know you did youre parenting right if you find george strait on youre kids ipod
Jay Garcia
George Strait is King! Write THAT down!
Andrew young
When country music was still "country". Everything today seems a bit watered down and too close to pop. Oh well.
George Strait for President!! :-)
WizKid 1123
George Strait is living proof that real country music can still be saved and be made. Today's "country" singers really need to step the Hell back and go back to country's roots. People say, "It's music. Music changes." Yeah, well Bluegrass hasn't really changed since it's creation in the 1940s. But is dying because it's changed so much. And although the country genre will always be around, country music might not. George Strait won't be around forever, and when he leaves, I hope to God country music doesn't leave with him...
Family And Gaming
I miss the old country music so much!!!!
If you dont think that this is country then you have no reason to be here! Country as it gets.
Beau Butler
Y can't this type of music play on the radio
Michael Timmons
There truly is no school like old school. This is true country and has so many memories...... Love it
Liza Marie
❤ this man right here. George Strait music never gets old. He just gets better looking with age.
Tayylor Thomas
2017 an still listening. Love You George.😍😍
Sweet Tea
When Country music was GOOD!
The_Angel_Hern 0
I might be mostly Mexican but OML do I love the kings songs
Margaret Foster
I used to listen to this on VH1 Country when it first came out. Every time the video would come on, we'd crank the TV way up and dance and sing, even laugh because it made us so happy.
Ever since she passed away at age 46, every time I hear it, it brings tears to my eyes. Brings back good memories. Thanks George. RIP Carolyn Rasmussen.
Justin John Hagon
The greatest cowboy alive! Hella sexy too..
Cynthia Espinoza
169 people didnt WRITE THIS DOWN.....

Edward R. Henson
George Strait is awesome :)
Ghostem871 2K
George Straight is a legend in Country Music.
Jordan Baird
Love this song, 10/10
george straight is amazing real country...
if you wanna hear a good song. listen to the dance, and lonely and gone