George Strait - Check Yes Or No (Official Music Video)

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George Strait - Check Yes Or No (Official Music Video) Смотреть онлайн
Landon Robertson
do you like this song check yes or no
Kingjames james
Who still listening now in 2019 I know I am
Before phones...remember doing this in school
That is good handwriting for a 3rd grader...
l munoz
I'd like my future husband to propose to me with a note that says "DO YOU LOVE ME? DO YOU WANT TO BE MY WIFE? CHECK ✅OR ✖".
I love this song.
County Line
Who checked YES in 2019? Still a great song!
Clinton Perkins
I'm 16 and I've been listenin to this man ever since I could listen to music and I believe that he is and always will be on the top 100 greatest country artists of all time. Ya have a amazing gift George. Thanks for giving us good music
Peggi King
King Of Country right folks!
Jodi Bell
I love gorge strait he's my favorite singer
George Strait is the definition of country music ❤❤
Rickey Long
George Straight is the king of country. Today's country can't hold a candle to George,Conway,Grorge Jones, Haggard, etc
Tessa Martin
when i was younger and i heard this song and when he said "check yes or no'' i thought he said 'jackass or no"
Olivia Vlogs
I love this kind of country💪🤠
Bri Bri love
im 13 and i love his music and my mom have his CD we was blasting his music last night on the way somewere
Rhonda Boncutter
I remember those notes, check Yes or No! Life was so simple in those days! Love has never changed, either you do or ya don't! Wish life was like those innocent days!
Larry Thompson
On a real note, how many artists have 50 #1s...
Tip your hat's fellas... He's the King of Country... With more gold records than The Beatles and Elvis combined... It speaks for itself
Cheyanne Kulak
2018 anyone? 💛
Christopher Woods
Back when country. ... was country! Long live king George!
Ayva Schmeckel
Really good man I believe he's not just the king of country but the king of Texas for helping people after Hurricane Harvey in the floods