George Strait - Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You

Music video by George Strait performing Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You. (C) 2000 MCA Nashville

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George Strait - Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You Смотреть онлайн
Victoria W
This is such a CUTE video !!  I am so embarrassed to say I had never heard it before!!  And I don't why!!  Better late than never!!  And it's NEVER to late for George!!    NEVER !!
janie delagarza
George strait is the man and number 1 all the way
Jeff Lipinski
George Strait

Fantastic talent..
even with all of his other wonderful songs I could choose, this is one of my very favorites!  he gets my heart beating like a cha cha cha!
John M
This song is awesome. "Stop behaving before I fall apart." - LOL
It's sound kind of sexy. God bless you all
Taylor Runyons
This song needs to be more popular
Adorable! :)
Connie Moody
George honey, I can't behave you're going to have to come on over here right now!
Sylvia Payton
Audiences across all age spectrum. That is why he is the King of Country Music. Great music.
georgina hamilton
sexy ,should have should george all way through😙
david thompson
if you like this one listen to Hot Grease and Zydeco!
Caleb Smith
no the fat guy at 0:35 was the best
Anne Mott
LOVE the song, hate the video... gonna hit Like for the song so HisMIckey won't have to come over here and beat me!
xani shields
The guy in the cowboy hat and beard I think did the best in real life though..
carol biggs
love it
Dylan Arthur
This is one of my Top 5 Strait songs, yet it surprises me this was, relatively speaking, a dud, only peaking at #17.
14 hitted the wrong button
Molly Garcia
Just love this song it has such an upbeat tempo and just so darn cute... and well George is the man of course.. so darn handsome... George can come over and love me anytime... :)