George Strait - If I Know Me (Official Music Video) [HD]

Music video by George Strait performing If I Know Me. (C) 1991 MCA Nashville

George Strait - If I Know Me (Official Music Video) [HD] Смотреть онлайн
Tristan Stowe
country music has gone straight to hell, we need more George Strait in the world to make country great again.
Mike P
I tell ya. The man may not have written most his songs but buddy no one else on earth could sing em the way he did.
Only George can get away with just holding a guitar and never playing it through a whole video. Great song
cameron pinter
King George... Most kings wear a crown, he wears a cowboy hat
who else watching in 2017 ? it'll never get old.
Edit: thanks for all the likes (':
Edit again: 2018 anyone?
Johnathan Gillispie
My parents listening to Sam hunt on the radio right now, I got my headphones in and listening to real music. Love ya George
George Lewko
Love this song. So true. That is my wife and me. I have left after an argument and 10 miles later I'm heading back home. Now what's so sad is she's gone forever after 32 years together the lord took her home Bittersweet song now. She was only 48 when she passed. I was 47. Back in 2000. Always remember to let your love one know how you feel. She died suddenly but 2 hours before l was out of town but the last words too each other was l Love you. Love of my life.
Gabbbyyy Massacre
"Sometimes I lose my head, say things to break your heart...
Forgettin' if I lost your love, it would tear my world apart..."
Welsh Kaibigan
And to the 62 people  who have given this a thumbs down, YOU ARE SAD people. Get a life.
Michael Angel
George Strait for president!
Kayla Beasley
Please.... Someone... Find me a time machine!!!
Made in Mexico
That crooked smile!!! OMG!! SO HANDSOME..
Ivy Ivz17
nothing can beat country music.. love it !❤
Moonpie Spotlight
"I"ll stop and call"... George cannot afford hands free... lol

Remember when you could go somewhere and would call if it was an emergency? Now you never get off the damn phone.
Steve H
still listening to the KING of country in 2017!!!!!!
Paulie Boy
One of King George's most underrated songs.
Never, be another like George Starit!

Good Country like this is a thing of the past...
Martha Galvan Leon
it sunk my heart wen my step son told me country music sucks. really.. 😭
But. If I know me. And I know me.

Very Awesome!!!!!!!