Pete Townshend - I'm One (Live At Bush Hall, 2011)

Music video by Pete Townshend performing I'm One (Live At Bush Hall, 2011) . (C) 2011 Polydor Ltd. (UK)

Pete Townshend - I'm One (Live At Bush Hall, 2011) Смотреть онлайн
"Every year is the same. I feel it again." True, so far. I will rue the day that "loneliness starts sinking in", when I, a millennial, lose Townshend. The man is 70 years old, and is as important to me now as when I discovered him when he was 60; more so. Now I play the guitar, and I play it like Townshend junior. Flamenco, no thirds, sus chords. I do it all. I'd love to develop my own style, but I always look to Townshend for how I should play. He's the Stanley Kubrick of music. This man should, will, go down in history as a 20th century Mozart. The Who are so unknown to people my age, 1990+.

We'll never see it. But hundreds of years from now, people will study this man as the unique composer and artist that he is. Truly. Utterly, unique.
Gerald King
Mr. Townsend is the greatest composer of the rock and roll age.
mOni arroyo
one of my fav songs ever
David Tidbury
Genius at work
Nez Bit
That song is tattooed in the tapestry of my youth
Carole S
i love his voice like i love my mother. thank you Pete.
most people look at pete as a true guitarist: he plays the lead like rhythm, but, on songs like this, which may be my favourite song by the who...his finger picking (banjo-ing) amazing, and unprecedented. quadrophenia, in my opinion is his best work, and this stand out song, is just brilliant. if dylan is the american poet, then pete is the english.
I'm still screaming out these lyrics like a maniac
Yann Pinguet
My anthem !
jacques courtois
Quel musicien,quel talent c'est magnifique.
Brooke Bethel
To be played at my memorial service -- not just yet😋
m e
Pete Townsend is every bit as amazing an artist as anyone in the history of Rock. The emotional depths he reaches in his music are second to none. I love his solo work and his demos of who songs as much as The Who music. I think he could have been something of a Dylan, Young, Bowie as a solo artist.
gee pee
Mod Father
The adverts are wasted on me.
luis gerardo cid avlis siul
Y yo que pense que este maldito rock star...fue uno de los culpables que me hizo amar al rock..pues el cerebro the Who...
sound? sound...
my favourite song still to this day.
Cambro 64
His face got bigger. lol
oh no..his nose looks smaller.....i loved his magnificent large english nose.......PLEASE dont tell me hes had a nose looks smaller
And life is good again.