Love Reign O'er Me (Live On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / 2017)

Music video by Pete Townshend, Alfie Boe performing Love Reign O'er Me. (C) 2017 Eel-Pie Recording Productions Ltd., under exclusive license to Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Berlin

Love Reign O'er Me (Live On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / 2017) Смотреть онлайн
A Solitary Candle
Does he REALLY need to vibrato EVERY note, just because he can?
Bernal M
"I have to do it my way"
Pete's voice gone kinda bluesy... Awesome
RJ Nuzzi
The song is tailor-made for an operatic voice... Daltrey set the template, no doubt but Alfie is terrific
Anderson Vedder
The singer is not Daltrey, but ... it was good. The Who is not The Who without Roger, come back to the stage now. ❤️
Brian Conaty
Kudos to Pete for trying something new, but there are only two folks that can sing this right, Rog and Eddie Vedder, the end.
Dave Haller
This performance has you appreciate what Roger was able to do. This song and the rest of this whole record is not easy to sing. Alfie does great. Roger just takes this tune to a whole different level.
Clém Nadol
The way roger sang it was full of rage and desperation, in this version there's no emotion, it's too "Perfect" it's a bit superficial, whereas the music of the who is based on those emotions... but outstanding voice anyway it just doesn't fit with thé rage of thé who
carlos diaz
Great voice, but totally.. not the classic who sound. Roger Dawltry brought that unleashed power to the song, this guy is just an opera singer. What is this beauty and the beast........tales as old as time??
c'mon man! You gotta belt it out !... ahhhhhhhh!!! RAIN ON MEEEE!!!!!
This opera stunt reminds me of Ray Davies' duets stunt. Both completely unnecessary.
Comrade Sandwich
Pete is definitely the definition of a rock god
Jeffery Allan
If it wasn't for pete, I'd think this was a SNL skit.
Liz Finn
Alfie Boe being AWESOME as usual!
AMAZING! This is show was incredible at the Met!
Brian Conaty
Powerful voice.
Big Chungus69
the last old rock band vevo that still uploads... please release a new promo please.
Vince Miller
Sucks... Where's Roger?
Hans-Dieter Brune
I like more Roger Daltrey.
Great job pete!