Pete Townshend's Deep End - Give Blood (Face The Face)

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This show was filmed for the famous German TV series Rockpalast at MIDEM in Cannes on 29th January 1986. Pete Townshend’s Deep End were touring in support of Townshend’s solo concept album “White City: A Novel”. Several of the musicians that appeared on the album were featured in the line-up of the Deep End including Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour on lead guitar. The set list has tracks from the “White City” album, other Pete Townshend solo tracks, Who classics, David Gilmour’s song “Blue Light” and a couple of surprises. Pete Townshend and the band deliver an outstanding performance that showcases him as a solo artist as distinct from his work with The Who.


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The Paranoid Blues Man
Pete is very underrated as a solo artist.
One of the BEST drummers !
Jason Williams
Simon Phillips is drumming perfection.
Garrett Hicks
Hell yeah! This song is the best!
Deep End was the super-est of supergroups, with the possible exception of Paul McCartney's Rockestra. (But at least Deep End got to play more than two songs.)
Long live Pete Townshend
Ed Weibe
Gilmore is so friggin incredible.
Chris Birdsall
Three note intensity: Gilmour.
Chris Stone
Pete, David Gilmore, David Sanborn, Simon Phillips, nice!
Cole Locke
The moment at 5:38 when Gilmore is looking back at Si-Phi....
Corea Kixx
The tension just kept building, with no release until the final cymbal from Phillips. Absolutely extraordinary!! Thank you.
Tammy Moon
This is great. Thanks so much!
"Give love, and keep blood between brothers." One of the most poignant lines he ever penned. Also, that's a wicked-looking headless bass. :)
wtf the guitarist looks like david gilmour isn't it?
Drum God Simon Phillips on a first edition TAMA Artstar Cordia double-bass monster setup!!! Oh Yeah!!!
Jim Rafferty
Filmed the day after The Challenger explosion.
David Gigliotti
Give blood, Brothers! 👍👍👍
paul mc
Now I understand why that fast echo on the guitar sound so much like the song Run off of Pink Floyd The Wall The Genius of David Gilmour on his fender Stratocaster
Mark Wood
Still remember when this came out, one of a small handful of albums I bought at the record store the day it was released. Definitely buying the new box set.
Marky E
Jim Rafferty
Look a good ole' Steinberger bass