The Dream - "Bedroom" (Official Music Video)


The Dream - "Bedroom" (Official Music Video) Смотреть онлайн
RL Flynn
Radio Killa at his best!!!! More fire...
Wesley Blunden
The Dream on top of his MF game with this one..
Jay Tee
Who else hit that like button before this instant classic played!?!?
Toño Rodríguez
This is real R&B
Put respect on my boy name. He been putting hits down since 08. Love/hate, love vs money and the love King is still in heavy rotation.
Damn Daniel
Dude still sound EXACTLY as he did 10+ years ago...
His album is so 90's R&B . Great album
Susan Mitchell
The dream always have beautiful black women in his videos
Jay O Smitty
Been missing this dude for some time now...glad to hear the melodic tone again.
Luv Angel
I'm so glad he's back!!! I've been a huge fan for years!!!! I missed u Dream ❤️❤️❤️
WorldFamous Matix
Since Kellz helmed up right now we definitely still need that 12 play energy from somewhere ya diggg !!?? Well done Mr. Nash !!!!!
#TheDream #RadioKilla
Me singing....Oooh this songz hella seeeexi
Dream just hella blessed me.....( dont be actin like yall dont make yall own version)
Champagne Hec
Panties come right off whenever I play a DREAM album. 😎👌🏾
Tarzan Thompson
Me walking in the house: ....

Dream over the intercom: Calling all bodies to the bedroom
Go Nkosi
I haven't seen so many sexy women in one video for a while #RadioKiller been popping models 🔥🔥🔥
Bro...Glad u have dark skin sistas on YOUR VID
Unlike other brothers in their videos
Kelvin Larkin
Jacquees- I'm the king of R&B
Dream- wheres my hat
Wes Simmons
Soak that P$$$Y around 7
Beauty Kay
Soon as I heard the beat, I knew I was gona like it. Glad he’s back!!!
Some damn R&B🙌 we need this