Tech N9ne - Fragile (Director's Cut) ft. ¡MAYDAY!, Kendall Morgan, Kendrick Lamar

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Music video by Tech N9ne performing Fragile. (C) 2013 Strange Music

Tech N9ne - Fragile (Director's Cut) ft. ¡MAYDAY!, Kendall Morgan, Kendrick Lamar Смотреть онлайн
Kersten Larson
I feel like this song should have more views for how good it is..........
You said you'd never ever break... down
But here I am sweeping... pieces off of the ground
You said you'd never, ever play... to crowds
But I've seen you hoping to play songs to them now
I've spent all night long scared of tomorrow, I broke my alarm
Everything is almost lost, pick it up slow, before it's gone...

We’re fragile
(Wish I’d have known)
I never thought I’d be so fragile
(You’re not alone)
If it didn’t break before, it’s about to
(We’ve been here before)
I don’t ever want to change
I’m fragile
I don’t ever want…
I don't ever...

Some of the people appointed to give an opinion
Never do get it
I want you to come on and gobble a jimmy and... die
N9na be givin the remedy and why?
Critics are really the enemy and I
Can't stand the way they slam today's gifted
Effin' incredible, get fanned away with grands to pay
This jam will lay scripted
Deaf and impeccable
Write a rhyme and I put everything in a flow
I'm the N9ne I'mma look very mean
When a foe scribe a line but he has never been at a show
By the times it'll be better, leave it in the sto
Cause they wrote nothin' but lies, quotes stuck in my eyes
Amateur writer dissin'
He's a beginner and hopes for your demise, folks some may despise
Never do try to listen
It's real - I'm mad
Clueless when you scribble on your pad
How you gonna criticize now with a chisel on your nads sizzling your ad
You don't really get why I'm so pissed? Understand this:
I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shit, yes I'm


Tell me that I'm famous
Tell me that my name is
Big as Venus Jupiter and then Uranus
Tell me that your anus got your head in it
I can smell the articles and know you're heinous
Tell me that you love me, always thinkin' of me
Unconditional, I'm hoping I'm your favourite
Grab a fishing pole and throw me with the sharks
That's the feelin' I get when you're concentratin'
On this pen, on this pad
Tell me you're willin' to diss on my craft
Tell me the feelin' of pickin' apart this track
Puttin' my heart and my soul in these lines
Tellin' me platinum and gold all the time
Lookin' to bury, a deep hole for mine
This is more than you, and this is more than you
And your entire building slanderin' and abusin'
What I call the realest comin' from a student
Told myself to use a poem as an UZI
Empty magazine, I seen a magazine
You seen my trigger finger, then I started shootin'
Hunter Thomas
this song was playing when my car broke down. all I could think was "you said you'd Neva Eva break.. down..."
Jacob Fuchs
This song is the reason I as a football player stand up for every band member we got. They love their music as much as we love our football. The stage is their field. Who are us as players able to make fun of them when we know how that love feels.
RG Energy
Kendrick's verse makes me feel invincible. I dunno why
Abel First-Quao
Thumbs up if you think this should have more views.

This could be a great influence on people who need to hear the message.
Damn I got to hype half way through Kendricks verse and broke my phones screen
hiiipower iii
Yelawolf where you at? 😂 Mr Catfish Billy 🤷
MartMoney86 H
This should have at least been in the top 20 hip hop charts it was at 38.
Patrick John Honrado
"I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my sh*t"
-Tech N9ne

Feels, tears.
Tiamiyu Ayomide
i love this song so much,i see myself listening to it in the next 50 years
Error! Sans
Listing to Tech N9ne is my drug,and I'm addicted
glad he gotta nother violin so he wont have to go on a killin spree
Kontraversy Blac
why i get teary-eyed when i watch this
J Hamilton
I can't stand the way they slam today's gifted <3 tech's verse
Ritwik V
You can see 'Bernz' in the background really salty...thinkin "Wish I had a verse in this song"
Dwight Howard's anthem
Best hook Ive EVER heard in a song in my life.
Ron Scrollins
dope, coulda been longer tho
Khary Robertson
The song is amazing in it's own right, but this video is certainly one of the most touching productions I have seen in quite some time. Much love and respect.