Black Hippy - Zip That Chop That

Black Hippy - Zip That Chop That

Black Hippy - Zip That Chop That Смотреть онлайн
absoul and kendrick lamar greeted eachother 3 times at 1:20 lmaoooo
Emilio Estrada
Humanity needs a black hippy album.
lame lame
Ab Soul killls this track. Yet he is overlooked all the time.
Keno Jo The God
if this was the first video i would have ever seen from T.D.E. i would of thought ab-soul would be in kendricks shoes.
ray allen
It's N O T just the music alone with these dudes.You can tell these cats are real homies with a special chemistry just having fun ...MaAd respect from the east coast 
Kiara Adrianna
Every time I watch this, it always seem like Kendrick is tired as hell from all that walking. ScHoolboy Q gained weight and Kendrick lost it.
who else came back to listen to this after listening to Vice City?
Keith Michael
I ran rap for half a mile and got tired laid down and realized that I was lying
Haven't seen such a teamwork since dre and snoop...
Freddie Terzo
damn its q without a bucket hat
Jay Pizzle
Black Hippy, official saviors of Hip-Hop.
Crazy to think that jay rock was the biggest in the group back then
i wonder if anyone out that day had any idea of the talent rolling down the street......
It would be difficult for them to shoot this type of video nowadays.
anthony aliberti
Jay rock is the most underrated in TDE
andy moreland
2:00- 2:06 the old lady awkwardly trying to get by hahahah
doncall medad
man, Black Hippy is the tightest crew on the scene. lyrical heavy hitters.
Dawgie Freshman
21st Century NWA

/ Kendrick Lamar - Dr. Dre

/ AB Soul - Easy E

/ Schoolboy Q - Ice Cube

/ Jay Rock - MC Ren
Rob Russell
Sitting here with the director of this video and reflecting on everything that's happened since. Crazy.