Octavian - Feel It (Official Video) ft. Theophilus London

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Sam Kabiru
Essie Gang ⚔️⚔️
We up this year 🔥🔥🔥🇰🇪🇰🇪
Got that summer vibe
Octavian on the come-up for real
J ́s Liver
Octo so underrated, mans got his own genre, when r u gonna come through to Switzerland
Like if Octavian is underrated
James Janny
lit mixtape, but I was really looking forward to the song at 1:53 on Essie part 1😔
Octavian will be the biggest uk rapper by 2020. Ya heard it here first.
lewis huxley
What sort of sick individual would thumbs down this?! Genuinely confused.
Love from South Africa bro 🔥🔥🔥
louis hart
People saying whens he gonna blow , bro he's already here 😂
blu velvet •
I THOUGHT THIS WAS GONNA BE THE SONG FROM ESSIE LIFE EP 1 OMG octavian why :(((( i waited for 6 months aswell
Rakan Dudin
Octo for Queen of England
Ochieng Asiko
Thank you Octo for closing IGCSE’s with a wave🛥🐉
Owen Ikeakhe
0:47 Travis Scott collab?!
He will blow when the times right my fellow Octavian supporter's 💜⚡👁️⚔️
Lil Kane
this is the most unique shit i heard all year, props octavian you are an individual
Bror Johannes Tidemand Ruud
Octavian going for those top 5 spots
Ollie Brown
Just heard it on Annie Mac back sack and crack's show. BIG MAN TING
Aaron Clinton
This ep started my summer early 🤩🤩
beautiful production :
wais ent
KENYA is feeling it all the way from AFRICA. Go #Octavian