Aaliyah - Try Again


"Romeo Must Die" Soundtrack.

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Aaliyah Haughton
Her angelic voice feels like medicine for my ears.
Aaliyah would've been bigger than Beyonce
Still better than her.
ZeKaJo ZeKaJo
Aaliyah & Selena. Two Beautiful talented souls who had to leave too soon.

❤️R.I.P Queens❤️
Tee-Em Kay
Aaliyah and Jet Li had undeniable chemistry!
baby girl
she was and always will be iconic
sHoW Shaqzey
Wer kommt von Shindy‘s neuem Lied?
Fotini Kalai
Happy birthday princess !! Aaliyah Dana Haughton January 16, 1979
10 years later:

Please give us a higher quality version
yoruichi shihōin
I can never watch an Aaliyah video without someone mentioning Beyonce. You don't have to down one woman to uplift another. Why are y'all hating on Beyonce? She's an incredible artist and so was Aaliyah.
Honey Dubey
All time favorite song 🥇❤️🙏🏼 R.I.P.
Heidi Tinney
Wer kommt von Shindy‘s neuem Lied?
she was and always will be iconic
Still 2019 till death my beautiful queen
Julia Lee
No more good singers like Aaliyah, Brandy, and Monica anymore. They had so much class.
jordan cox
Anyone watching this in 2016?
jelle de hertogh
Aaliyah ... try again she sings ... oke i will try again ... trying till you drop ... like the great Barry Hearn always says ...
kayla; ,
Aaliyah helps me feel confident with my body tbh. now a days people only want “thick girls” but i’m skinny af . aaliyah changes my perspective on being skinny. that’s why i love her tbh. it’s sad she’s gone 😩.
Jessica Valenzuela
I remember downloading this on Kazaa or limewire. One of the old programs lol
Aaliyah + Jet Li + Timbaland 💯

Rest In Peace Aaliyah ❤️😢👼
Motoko Kusanagi
Imagine how much more evolved she would be today... She was everything and more!
Ramazan Isik
Wer ist auch wegen Shindy - Nautilus hier