Lucie Silvas - Forget Me Not

Music video by Lucie Silvas performing Forget Me Not. (C) 2004 Mercury Records Limited

Lucie Silvas - Forget Me Not Смотреть онлайн
I've listened to this album for years.
Jessica Palmer
This girl should be bloody FAMOUS she is amazing!
Stevie Cutz
a fading memory, left wondering what could of been :(
Concept Creator
seriously... Forget her not! She has a great voice and is a very talented song writter... But why is she so "small" in music. Sucks... She atleast made MUSIC not this BS we hear today where it matters more about how little you wear then the song itself.
peter sommerville
i miss u so much
Richard Haley
Love Her Music!!
thursina andayani
what the hell with the world?? only 90 thousand watcher??? psy got almost 2 billion -_-
ziat saiyajin
Monika Mount ZEN Music
U'r singing in all Ur songs my story!
Ri Mind
Marcos aka PiNBaLL
David Byrne
always makes me think of a special someone and makes me think what if????
Jessica p.
A tune I love singing..beautiful
One of the most beautiful songs ever. Love you Lucie. Hope to hear some new music soon this year
Can't wait to hear your new songs Lucie. I'm sure you'll get all you deserve. Greetings from Spain!
joseny g oliveira
parabens meu anjo, linda musica....
Catherine Rouquine
my favorite by Lucie forever ! This song is so incredible !!! Great singer by the way... ♥
Andrea Garbati
i will always love you G.
Tony King
you'll always be in my heart Lucas. xx
Beka Li
I remember singing this for my brother so I could show him how well I sing. I remember he said hearing me singing this song made him wish that he could sing. I listen to this song when I miss him :)))