Nonpoint - Fix This

Music video by Nonpoint performing Fix This. © 2019 Universal Music Operations Limited

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Fahrenwolf Gremio LycansLegacy
now i know the song is inspired on the ceiling
Love Nonpoint , nonpoint discography is my playlist
Alien Trappers
Watching the premier was like I was hearing the song for the first time again. Great job guys!
Tony Couty
Uma de minhas bandas favoritas! Sensacional! Vem pro Brasil!
Amazing what you guys come you with! Love this and on my third time watching it! Nice touch at the end Robb!
twice severed
Precious few reliable bands around recently, y'all are definitely one of them and I appreciate the hell outta that!
Menny GoRo
Excelente vídeo de mis amigos nonpoint vamos a compartirlo ;) 🖤🤘
J. Eaton
Love it. Do I see a Tremonti PRS?
Daniel Riggs
July 31st can't come quick enough.....
Can't wait to see you in Cleveland.....
Nonpoint for life. 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Julian Carrion
Nonpoint is still slaying after all these years. Love this song and the entire album.
Zach Dahlman
Luv that the 2 originals came out first
Demon Obelisk
See you guys in Houston in August!!!!!!!!
🤘 Never stop making this amazing music.
Erik Vasquez
You guys are killing it 🤘👊🤙
Shane V
wisconSINERS love ya! Nonpoint was one of the frist concerts I went to, keep on keeping on!
DOPE video guys 🤘 (that X on the door, nice)
Kooya 813
That guitar solo lit me on fire
Dylan Onken
fede camusso
Ooh, this track...
This track is AMAZÍNG.
Sanfilippo Angelo
Great sound and impeccable video
There's a name for all this....damn right, f&&king awesome!!!
matthew pheasant
Please come to Boise Idaho. You just have always killed it. Such an amazing style