Jack Johnson - Better Together (Kokua Festival 2010)

Music video by Jack Johnson performing Better Together. (C) 2010 Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson - Better Together (Kokua Festival 2010) Смотреть онлайн
José Covaco
LOVE HER VOICE ! She's Beautiful.
Daniel Lee
feat. Lionel Messi on the melodion
Jack is the man!
He has changed my life in recent months. I work in a stinky factory where everyone is disrespect 2 one another. I used to blare heavy metal to arouse anger to make my way through the day. About 6 weeks ago i started listening to jack for 6 hours a day and now i drift in my mind to the ocean and my life has alot less anxiety. I hope i get to meet him some day. I recently posted a video of one of our new songs. If anyone would care to give it a listen, its called (reach down, by changing elements)
Nicolas Ortega
I Didn't know Liam Neeson could play the melodion
Biddley Boo Taribo West
big mommas voice is amazing!!
Danny Ryan
This guy changed my whole perspective on life. Keep on keeping on....
James Diaz
Wow, her voice compliments Johnson with this song
Sophie N
As far as YouTube comment sections go, Jack's are pretty wholesome and uplifting. Good job, guys. 😊👏🏻💜
Earth Traveler
simple and enjoyable :)
Super sonzeira!!!!!! transmite uma paz inimaginável...
Simaia Zonzini
Que voz linda essa mulher tem... do Jack Johnson nem se fala né...<3
John Donson
melodica takes the song from good to great
shawn capps
Love this song, Love your music!! When a musician artist songs make your soul dance amazing ;)
Fadhilah Qonita
this is better than the original version. love it!
I'm about 100 of these views, this is my favorite recording of this song, rhythms del mundo close second
Ken Jones
That guitar is beautiful......what is it?
Ashutosh Shrestha
Their both voices are very brilliant!! But i think its better that they wouldnt had sang it together. It jus doesn't sync
Amber Love
My boyfriend sent this to me two years ago. I love him and I love this.
The best and with the Hawaian woman, even better!!!
i hate to bring up the elephant in the room....but what's with the elephant?