SG Lewis - Easy Loving You ft. Kamille - Live Performance | Vevo

SG Lewis - Easy Loving You ft. Kamille. An exclusive live performance for Vevo.

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SG Lewis - Easy Loving You ft. Kamille - Live Performance | Vevo Смотреть онлайн
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Jessie Nguyen
SG needs to do more vocals for his songs 😭😭😭
Laurent Metzinger
great live performance ! Thx SG and Kamille for the show ! No hesitation come to France it's so easy to loving singing here ; )
Moises Humberto Hernadez Castro
SG LEWIS, dude, love your style of music, please keep doing what you love man, peace ✌🏼
Sophie Jane
Remember hearing this song for the first time at Printworks, it makes me wanna cry, so beautiful, and man he’s got such a beautiful voice!!!! 💙💙💙
Luis Parra
You must listen to this in 4K. Amazing.
This was awesome. Your music is amazing!
Saúl Leonardo Rodríguez Solís
It's really aweasome when you realize that your favorite producer is a singer too <3
Erian Calderón
Nope, nope. You cannot do this to me so early in the morning
Josh Armstrong
This is the definition of perfection
charley hunt
part of me likes this version better, hearing the song stripped back and listening to SG's natural voice a long with Kamille, allows us to really take in the lyrics.
Alex Ortega
It was so easy, darling.
It was so easy loving this...
Lucas Pegázi
Maravilhoso demais, gente! Wonderful!
Unreal man 🔥 🔥
Was waiting for this 🔥🔥🔥🔥summer anthem right here
Josh Meadows
This needs to be on Apple Music
lmao. that piano playing was impeccable
Reem Faisal
omg hi i love your music so much
Roy Napitupulu
Never realize it’s your voice in the song. Please sing more because your voice is SICK!
I Adore
absolute magic ❤️ 🎧
hold up... he can sang to???