Beast Coast - Distance (Official Music Video)

See Beast Coast Live on the Escape From New York Tour:

Dir: Levi Turner

Producer: David Wept

DP: Franklin Ricart

Steadi/Wheels: Calvin Falk

Gaffer: Suki Nojima

1st Ac: Tommy Chan

2nd AC: Jack Layer

Key Grip: Yeo Seok Lee

Technocrane: Scott Buckler

Crane Technician Melissa Gagliardi

Editor Levi Turner

Colorist Alex Jimenez

Super 8 Kenny Shimm and Slick Jackson

Production Coordinator Morian Thomas

Key PA Kenny Shimm

PA Justin Lee Cousins

Production Company AT.LAS

Performed By:

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Beast Coast - Distance (Official Music Video) Смотреть онлайн
George Medina
Ayo issa and ak really did the cover for lords of flatbush 😂😂😂
JCBF Miyuki
Issa has my favourite verse on the entire album on this song
Alex Robinson
1:09 that’s a reference to the Lords of Flatbush tape!! that’s so cool to see them in the same window years later with their hair looking so different lol
KyleH20 -
Watching the progress from joeys old videos to now motivates tf outta me
Gods Son
Was not expecting to hear bones at the end!! Got so hyped 🔥🔥
bani hafidh andrayu
goddamn, i love 2019. beastcoast and dreamville makin move🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Let’s go! Album of the year right here! Been waiting for this video all night.
Heather Fuqua
Literally haven’t stopped playing this album since it dropped .. LOVE every minute of it, but this track is definitely my favorite!!!

.. then "Bones" starts to play☠️🖤🔥

Beast Coast really made the best album of the year and everyone’s sleeping on it smh
Derek Tyler
Beast coast is the best thing to happen to hip hop since wu tang
Joeys videos always just make me proud to live in New York, we really have the best talent in the world
Jonah Dewar
You know well Joey, Issa, & Erick all had a competition for best verse on the track
Josh Threeton
I love seeing all my guys together, just dominating the game. It's amazing.
Yareth Daniel
Jonathan Lopez
Slappp alert!!!! ooooo that bones teaser. "LETMESEE"- REX LIFE
BoChonny H.
That lords of Flatbush scene with Issa ak though 🙏🏼
Finally beast coast showing they ain't playing no more. All their productions are fire.
Mathew Sakwa
“Bones” music vid next?
BoChonny H.
Sending those daily positive vibes from Houston everyone!🙏🏼
Jonathan Porter
Been waiting for this 🔥🔥🔥 Guapaneese Erick is the 🐐