French Montana - Wiggle It ft. City Girls

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Sofya Zahra
Producer:how many twerk do you want?
French Montana:yASS
Stephanie Smith
So happy for the City Girls! Wishing them nothing but success. #freejt
Kabrina Kay
Miami part was harder than French part .. I’m happy I hear JT voice tho ❤️
Tatyana Bieber
I really wish they used a different beat for this song🤧🤧 I still love the citygirls though
The Knew Age
Who is WordRounBlock??
Errol Torrington
The sample is NIGHTCRAWLERS -push the feeling on. Not pitbull, his producer sampled the same record.
yambè *
I can't believe they did this with that instrumental- I keep remembering raindrop 😂😂😂
I'm still in bed but this song got me wanting to get up and twerk and be a bad Bitch

Then the song ends and I go back to sleep😂
Kilik Kamyuja
Original Song:

Nightcrawlers - push the feeling on
Belatik Hicham
Morocco ✊ Welcome to my Instagram. belatik.hicham ❤ one love
Zina Tv
كاين شي مغاربة هنا؟! 😍😍😍
French 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nayvadius Wilburn
Twerk , Wobble up , Wiggle how many same songs are u going to do??
But its still fire tho
George Edwin Jones II
The City Girls are live. JT is gonna come home to a nice bag. Yung Miami has definitely been holding it down. They might not be the most lyrical but they have what it takes to make it. They are doing big things and they are working with alot of big artists. I salute you hometeam. Represent for the 305.
Olivier Malary
When they said french Montana you ain't got no more hits💯👆

Oh no...
I’m under every comment of y’all favorite artists 💯🔥
MONEEB An Artist
FRENCH MONTANA is a genius.

I wish to make a song with him one day. 🔥 🔥 🔥
Geol K.c
Nightcrawler push the Feeling 1994
pitbull hotel Room 2009
French montana Wiggle 2019
tv pro
اللهم ابعد عن امي وامك ثلات
2_عداب جهنم
3_دهاب القبر
ورزقها امي وامك ثلاث
2_الفرحة والسعادة
3_ الصحة والسلامة
مستحيل تقرأها ومتحط
ليك إشترامك القناة تستاهل الغالية 💜💜💜
James Charles did not touch you. Okay? He did not touch you..

Like to keep it that way.
Gloriana Jimmerson
I ignored the whole song and just sat here like “MEET ME AT THE HOTEL FORGET ABOUT YO BF😩🥵” 💀👏